The French Paleo Burn Review: Lose Weight Without Crazy Diet

The French Paleo Burn looks interesting option for diet, especially if you want to run a program that actually works to solve your weight problem.

Yes, The French Paleo Burn promises that you can find complete steps to lose weight with fast and also fun.


If you visit official page from the product, the author of this program, Dr. Carissa Alinat, introduces you first about many mistakes a dieter could do starting from counting the calories, starving until excessive exercise. She also believes that all of people deserve not just health slim body, but also your psychological condition.

So the first good news from the author is, her French Paleo Burn program would not include method that involves crazy workout and starving like mentioned above.

By joining the program, you may finally understand that a true solution to slimming down the body.

About the author

Carissa Alinat the author had similar story with many women out there, where she suffered from overweight, and any "strategy" she practiced didn't work. Even when she already did strict diet and exercise at gym.

Her life drastically changed when she met her true love from French who turned out a chef. For the complete story you can read it entirely on the product official site.

The product is best for?

The French Paleo Burn works best for women, especially when they already reach their 35s. It's no longer a secret that women over 35 tend to gain weight easily due to slow metabolism.

Thus you must ensure to make metabolism faster where it can help for the process of slimming down the body by creating the fat burning recipes you can enjoy everyday.

Plus the program also provides instruction for workout to do at home, thus you don't need additional activity at gym.

Moreover, similar with The Flat Belly Code program, you don't need to count the calories which can become something annoying to do.

Beware of the "healthy foods" for diet

One of the most shocking thing to find inside The French Paleo Burn is, the "healthy foods" you find inside the supermarket can affect your metabolism and make you become fat.

Therefore the program can give a solution by offering the recipes that can help burn the fat. Moreover, just like Metabolic Cooking, you don't need to eat tasteless foods for diet.

What's inside The French Paleo Burn program?

First you'll be introduced to benefits of the plan to transform the body safely and fast, and how to maintain the result forever.

Moreover, inside The French Paleo Burn program Carissa provides you Paleo based cookbook that contains more than 50 recipes that are not just easy to create but also delicious too.

And all of the recipes have been completed with professional photos. Importantly, making the fat burning foods should not cost you and this product can definitely help cut the total cost when cooking amazing meals to serve for everyday.

There's also 14 Day Meal Plans created for women who want to make something more simple for their diet.

Dr. Carissa Alinat also explains about the secret of French lifestyle, how to burn more fat by eating more foods, get a bikini body quickly and more.

Click here to join The French Paleo Burn program

Important two phases inside the program

There are also two phases you need to learn from the product that you can find below:

First Phase: Rapid Paleo for weight loss
Basically this is the core from the program where it includes the use of recipes above, and how to reach the ideal body by changing your habits and lifestyle like French women who are well known with their slim body.

Second Phase: Plateau Buster
Your hard work to lose weight would mean nothing if you can't keep the result as long as possible, thus the second phase contains important method for that purpose. In here there's no restriction and you can freely enjoy eating carbs or even potatoes and pasta.

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Pros and cons of the program

- Affordable
- Also contains workout guide, not just recipes guide
- Money back guarantee in case you find the product does not work like the author promises
- Dr. Carissa Alinat, the author, is a real person and she's also an expert on weight loss field. Beside successfully getting her own body transformed, Carissa also managed to help many women

- You need to know how to cook of course, and depending on your skill, you can create the recipes as fast as possible
- Available online only


The French Paleo Burn can help women over 35 burn fat and lose weight with its method, however you may struggle to use the product if you don't know how to cook at first place.

Moreover, you must make some changes on lifestyle, especially about the new recipes you must include as menu. So if you are ready to change life and transform the body then click here to get the program.