Metabolic Cooking Review - Best Fat Loss Cookbook for Women

Metabolic Cooking
Well, after making complete review about Anabolic Cooking, this time i'm gonna show you the review about Metabolic Cooking. Who's behind the program??, does it work??, what's the difference between Anabolic and Metabolic Cooking??. Get the complete information in this article.


Some important points of cooking are probably really need to be understood by all people. Why? It is because we will not buy the foods on the restaurants or food trucks forever. Cooking your daily dishes by yourself may take a longer time and less practical for sure.

However, the more important thing is that your own dishes tend to be healthier for some reasons. One of them is they are free from preservative and other chemical substances that are probably added on the foods sold outside. The question is, are you sure that your homemade dishes are really healthy? Of course, there are many things to be considered before jumping in a conclusion that your own dishes are healthier than those from restaurant. Well, only for this matter, it seems we need to learn more about how to cook the healthy foods.

What is metabolic cooking?

Metabolic cooking is basically a way of cooking  where you need to make sure that the dishes produced are able to be processed well in human digestive system. More than that, it must not disturb the process of body's metabolism.

But how is it possible? There are so many things to apply indeed. Well, here are some of them:

1) When your foods are often attached on the pan, there is a simple and easy way to solve this problem, it is by adding water. Why must it be water and not oil? it is because the water tends to keep the foods moist and surely, it is healthier with zero calorie compared to the cooking oil.

2) You may need to do more experiments with spices. Despite it is really good to warm your body, spices are really healthy with much nutrition and they also function to make your foods more delicious naturally even without any MSG.

3) Nuts are kinds of food ingredients that are full of nutrition needed by your body including vitamins, protein, and vegetable fat. So don’t be doubtful to add nuts in your foods menu.

4) It is better not to cook the meat or fish directly. You can boil them at first using spices in a high temperature to avoid many substances that can damage the nutrition.

So what can you inside the Metabolic Cooking product?

The main menu is of course the 250 recipes to help you lose fat and get your ideal weight. This Metabolic Cooking is not just a cookbook, but it's more than that. Like how to make individualized Meal Plan, how to eat meal correctly so you can burn fat faster, organize your kitchen, the top cooking rule for burning the fat and more.

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The difference between Metabolic & Anabolic Cooking

At first glance both product looks same. Unsurprisingly, this Metabolic Cooking comes from the same team behind Anabolic Cooking, Dave Ruel & Karine Losier. Even the site looks rather similar. If you have not read the review, you can find it here.

Is metabolic cooking good for diet?

Before talking about whether metabolic cooking is supporting your diet program or not, let’s straighten out the intention at first. As it has been mentioned above, metabolic cooking is a method of cooking to keep the nutrition on the foods we consume daily. If the foods are healthy, they can just give us much more benefits. The main benefit is that our body can be healthy as well. Other benefits, whether the body weight can be lowered or not.

As you know, gaining weight, for many people, is a sign that their body is actually not in a good condition. It can be caused by the unhealthy lifestyle including lacking of healthy food consumption. If you notice well, those people who gain weight have certain habits. They tend to consume junk foods that are high of calories too often. Aside from that, the consumption of sugar can be another factor why is someone considered as fat.

About Karine Losier, the creator of this cookbook

In her official site, Karine calls herself as "Lean Kitchen Queen". Judging from her quality cookbook, She deserved to get that title.

Karine's concern about why some fat loss cookbooks are not effective

Have you ever bought a cookbook that claims to burn the fat??, does it work like it promises??. If not, these are probably the reasons, according to Karine:
- wrong ingredients: the ingredients like sugar  or margarine shouldn't be included to your meal due to the calories it contains.
- complicated: a good cookbook should not be too complicated. It should be easy to follow. Of course, not everyone can cook well.
- lack of variety: imagine that if you eat the same type of meal over and over. Not just boring, it can also slower your body's metabolism.


Unlike Dave Ruel's Anabolic Cooking, the Metabolic Cooking system guide, which is focusing from Karine's perspective, will show you the 250 best cooking recipes to help you burn fat for women. By applying metabolic cooking, it is expected that you can finally get your ideal body, not because of the ultimately scary diet but because of your habit to consume nutritious foods. Furthermore, it will be great if you also balance it with regular exercises.