Old School New Body Review - Burn the Fat with F4X Method

Old School New Body F4X program
In this article we are gonna give you the review of old school new body F4X workout training system. What's inside the program??, What is exactly the "F4X" method??, who's behind the program??, and more. Keep reading to find the answer...

What is Included In This Program?

Old School New Body Main Manual

The program main manual contains best information to use, and it can increase your knowledge about the best exercise and necessary things to do basically in order to get the ideal result.

Moreover, inside this manual find the best technique developed by the authors known as "F4X Protocol", which will be explained further below. Plus the background behind this protocol, as well as its benefits for people regardless of their age.

Surely The Old School New Body is not only about training your physique, since this main manual also contains motivational tips that are important to keep motivation high for running the exercise inside the program, plus the diet plan which can help fight the aging.

Given how complex information inside the main manual, reading it once wouldn't be enough.

Quick Start Guide:

Before reading the main manual, you can use the quick start guide as the program introduction to main workout plan. It's just a guide with 15 pages that shows all of exercise users can do.

Beside the main manual and a quick start guide, find four bonuses given by the program as additional content:

    Ultimate Fat-Burning Secrets
    Ultimate Muscle-Building Secrets
    Ultimate Anti-Aging Secrets
    Ultimate Health and Happiness Secrets

Free audio content is also available where you can hear interviews from popular coaches in this fitness industries. But you can skip this content since it's not directly related with the program training, beside for motivational part, etc.

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What Old School New Body Program is All About?

Made by Steve Holman and Becky Holman, Old School New Body will reveal what a lot of users must do to lose weight and reverse aging. Steve and Becky developed F4X protocol that help them stay fit and look younger than most people on their age.

Similar with Craig Ballantyne, the author of Turbulence Training, Steven Holman is an experienced person who appears in a lot of fitness magazines, not to mention about his important position in Iron Man magazine.

What Is F4X Protocol?

The F4X stands for "Focus 4 Exercise", once again as the training protocol that helps Steve & Becky reverse aging and stay fit.

This training protocol is divided into three main workout plan or phases: Lean, Shape and Build. Well, it takes 30 minutes to finish each phase, with 90 minutes in total if you want to run all of the phases in one day.

Practicing this method once a week is enough for getting the goal you are aiming with this program.

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How Does It Work?

As mentioned above, this program promotes the F4X method as its training core. With three main phases or steps, you can start to run the training from Lean, Shape and Build phase.

Or simply choose the step that suits your taste, as well as the goal of body you want to achieve.

Moreover, each phase has its own benefit like Lean phase that is best for people with weight problem and they need training to reduce their weight. Or Lean phase which is more ideal for people who want to get attractive body. And Build phase which is recommended for those who want a strong and muscular body.

Either way, running all of the phases of F4X training is more recommended since all of them are correlated with each other.

LEAN Phase:

The Lean phase will work as the foundation from all of the phases. Surely as the first step before getting to advanced level, the exercise inside it is relatively easy to follow.

Given how importance of this phase, the author recommends users not to skip it, at least until they manage to reach the level of leanness they always want.

Moreover, your success in building body could be determined from the first step you made. And in this case, you need to start from this phase and find that whether it is enough for you, or you want to advance to higher phase.

SHAPE Phase:

Made for men and women who care about their muscle, and they want to build them for the sake of appearance.

One of the program author, Becky, managed to transform her body to look more ideal, not too skinny and not too muscular either. Just look at her body that resembles a female athlete!.

Obviously it takes more time and also effort for building the muscle. So the users are expected to run this phase until they can get that ripped body with strong and lean muscle.

BUILD Phase:

Unlike the method in Shape phase, you can become more muscular by following the Build phase. This phase itself can help increase significant amount of the muscle mass through specific body training you need to follow.

That said, it won't make the body over muscular like some bodybuilders who use illegal way to bulk up their physique extremely.

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* Ideal For Everyone:

Even though the program is targeted toward older people (40 years old and above), this Old School New Body is still recommended for younger people. Definitely all of people need to improve their body shape regardless of many factors, including age.

* Efficient And It takes Less Time:

The program promises that you can run the training method once a week within 90 minutes. But if you think this is still too long, simply run the phase you like to do in one session.

* Many Success Stories From People with Different Age Range:

By visiting official site of the Old School New Body program, discover many success story from the users, and you can see directly body transformation, before and after, and not just users in their 40s but also 50s and above.

* Created By Experts:

The problem with some program you can buy online is, they are made by person who hide behind a pen name, or made by person whose record track are still unknown. This is different with Old School New Body since you the authors can be seen clearly on the cover of this product, let alone their background.


*Available Online Only:

If you prefer a physical copy then you will definitely see the product format as the advantage, and when this article is written, the product is available on digital format only via the official Old School New Body website.

Thanks for reading this review and get the secret of F4X Method here.