Flavilicious Cooking Review: Delicious Fat Burning Recipes

Recently, i love to write review articles about fat burning cookbook, from Caveman Feast, Metabolic Cooking, and today I'm going to give you the review from the Flavilicious Cooking recipes cookbook, keep reading...

If the name of this cookbook does not make you feel excited then i'm sure this review article will make you interested in this subject. Basically, the Flavilicious Cooking is designed for everyone especially for those who cannot find the right angle to have healthy lifestyle.

If you are also one of people who often workouts in regular basis and try to eat healthy but still cannot achieve the ideal body you are dreaming, then this cookbook is really an interesting product to try. Or if you are probably kind of person who doesn't know the proper tips in the kitchen to prepare your meal and also doesn't know about how to cook good and healthy meals to eat.

Thinking that you are healthy enough with your regular food is good or at least you have that spirit. But of course you need to do something in order to live really healthy and one of the ways is by eating healthy foods. Flavilicious Cooking will accommodate you to reach that goal. Healthy lifestyle or losing some pounds from your body can be managed by reading this book at the first place. Let us see what we have in this book then.

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What is inside the Flavilicoous Cooking cookbook?

The basic program in this book is designed for all ladies in this world and it is excellent for sure. Since a female’s body acts different than a man’s body, and due to the reason of achieving the body shape as you want, you as a lady need to follow the program in the book that matches with what you need. And based on that statement, Flavilicous Cooking book is about the program that contains food and recipes too and most importantly, the program is also about how to lose your weight effectively and optimally too.

Well, it may sound like the oxymoron coming across the world of diet and health that will guide you to the optimal way in losing weight in eating until you get that satisfy feeling for the result. You do better believe that Flavilicious Cooking book is the all-in best solution. So, if you are a lady that loves to eat so much but you also want to lose weight and live healthily then here you go.

Other than that, this book provides tips and methods that's really realistic to follow once you read the book. Since the program is created by a lady too, it will suit your body’s behavior. So, no matter if you are a mom, a busy career woman, a wife, or anything, you can get what you need in this book for real.

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Who is Flavia Del Monte?

Well, some of you will be wondering about who the person behind the book is. Flavia or also known as Flavicious is a very adorable woman with great body and wonderful smile. Once you look at her you will be wondering on how she did it. She describes the Flavilicious through her body though. She has a great mission that aims to help all women in this world to love their body and live healthily without dependency to other human. Flavia will teach you in how to get the goal with healthy nutrition and regular exercise without have to torture yourself.

Flavia herself is a Certified Nutritionist and also a Personal Trainer as her credential. It makes her knowing everything about woman’s body that she talks about in the book. In other hand, she is also a Registered Nurse, so you do not need to worry about the program in her book. As a woman, you should love yourself that includes your body and live your life healthily and happily too.

What more can you find inside the Flavilicious Cooking?

This is also the part of Flavilicious Cooking book review that I really love to talk about in this article. The book provide a program or cooking system. There is a thing that you will not get inside the book that obviously most other diet plans are always advised you to do that. Flavia requires no fruits in the program. All you will see is any food with low carbohydrates as well as zero fat-intake. Other than that, the system that is advised in the book is by bot calculating or counting every single calorie of your diet. The program is also not about the diet plan that requires you to eat every certain period of hours in a day.

Many programs that require things like that just do not work. Other than that, they are so complicated though. This book consists of at least 370 pages with 150 tasty recipes for your diet without have to widen your waistline since this part is where the woman wants to be not that wide. The book provides delicious food recipes for all meals like breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with appetizer, side dish, dressings, sauce, and still many more. Do not worry because this book also provides all delicious and healthy recipes for vegetarian, people with certain allergies or other exception that makes people could only eat certain food. So, as I said earlier, this book is designed for everyone with any kinds of backgrounds and taste for sure.

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The pros and cons

The pros are such as the recipes that talk about any healthy stuff more than just losing weight thingy. People need and deserve to be healthy and satisfy with their life so this book is talking about that without have to count anything you eat. The information is basically beneficial and the result is so priceless. Perhaps, the biggest cons of this Flavilicious Cooking is, the recipes inside it work more optimally for women. 


As mentioned above, This cookbook is created by the beautiful, Flavia Del Monte. Furthermore, Her big passion helps her develop a reliable guide to help women burn the fat.

From the official site of her product, Flavia clearly states her goal trough this cookbook: to show you how to create delicious fat burning meals, hence counting calories is no longer necessary. This cookbook itself is comprehensive, realistic and easy to follow. 

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Additional Information

Mistakes you can inside most fat burning cookbook??

According to Flavia Del Monte, there are four points why a cookbook fails to help people burn the fat:
a. it suggests bad ingredients. wheat, gluten, soy and sugar for example, can promote weight and make your hormones imbalance.
b. too complicated: obviously, not everyone can cook like their grandma. So, the recipes should be easy to make, even for a beginner.
c. allergy unfriendly: not all recipes are suitable for you. For example, there are people who allergic to sea foods. Fortunately, Flavia's Flavilicious Cooking provides more than 150 recipes.
d. too many carbs: carbohydrate, in the right portion is good for body. But, too much carbs can make your body store more fat.

Still from her official site, Flavia claims the reasons why her cookbook successfully helps her reader: the Flavilicious Cooking contains lot of recipes, so you have a lot of choices when making recipes for you or your partner. Furthermore, the ingredient to make the recipes are easy to make. perhaps, you have them all inside your kitchen. And of course, the price for the ingredients are affordable. 

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Thank you for reading...