Muscle Maximizer Review: Build Ripped Body Effectively

Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer
In this article let's take a closer look to Kyle Leon's Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer. What is exactly this system??, what can you find inside it??, does it work??. Keep reading to see the complete review of this system.

Every person, of course, has different type of body, and also, different metabolism: slow and fast. According to those factors, it's not easy to find a fitness program that works for everyone.

But Kyle got a different idea, he created a system he called "The Muscle Maximizer".

What's exactly the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer (SMM)?

According to the official site of SMM, it's a customized, unique approach to nutrition combined with the right and proper weight training methods. This system itself uses old school concept called somatotype.

This system is designed to show you the powerful, and effective techniques, and secrets to help you build lean muscle mass easily and naturally. Obviously, the Muscle Maximizer is intended for men who want to get a good looking body with bigger muscle.

Know more about Somatotype

Known by somatotype, this idea was started by an American psychologist named William H. Sheldon, PhD, MD, in the 1940s on a theory of "Constitutional Psychology". He said that the human body is classified based on 3 basic elements: Endoderm, Mesoderm, Ectoderm.

William H. Sheldon initially introduced the concept of body type, or somatotype as a way to predict personality traits based on a person's general appearance and the concept is used by nutritionists, exercise physiologists, and even doctors to help design an effective individual fitness plan, or to determine the type what kind of workout that is suitable for an individual based on his or her body type.

For example, an endomorph tends to be more suited to sports like wrestling or sumo, and ectomorph tends to run a marathon sport.

Therefore you need to know you belong to which category of body shape, ectomorph, endomorph or mesomoprh. And here is an explanation of the characteristic features of each body type in general.


Their body type is large and round although they are not overweight. Can be described as a pear, the shape of the center of the body is larger. In addition they have broad shoulders, hips with short thighs and large joints. Endomorphs have an easy tendency to store fat, have large amounts of fat and muscle mass in their bodies. Because in the body there is endomorph fat cells / adipocytes (fat-producing cells) more than two others. Although Endomorph is thin, these cells will remain and still have a tendency to easily store fat fat.


This body type is athletic looking, muscular solid and strong. They can easily add and lose weight. And referred to as a typical body of dreams. Because they are diligent physical exercise will show a fresh body, aggressive, well-built, good-looking, and proportional section. If the female body is described as an hourglass while the man is described as more rectangular and nice. Unfortunately there are not many people have body like this.


In general, people with this type have small muscle mass, less body fat, and they are also tall and skinny. Although not all have taller body, anyway. Moreover their physical shoulder width is the same as their thighs. Their ribs can be seen , Their upper arms and thighs look small and thin while their toes are wide or long. Their facial features are having sharp cheekbones or lines and their faces are triangular. They often have difficulty in adding weight so that their weight is below the proportional number.

The method to build the muscle mass inside the program

Somatotype is the key of this method, just like i mentioned above. Since each person has different body type, they need different approach in training.

Well, once you buy the program, you will get the software where you need to input your age, height, weight, etc and then save your profile. And voila, you can now determine what exercise you should do, the duration of exercise, the rest time between exercise and more.

3 customized meal plans and nutrition plan inside the program

The biggest factor for men when building muscle mass, beside enough training, is of course the foods they consume. Kyle is aware of that, so he gives you nutrition plan database that contains more than 1000 recommended foods (and recipes) for feeding the muscles. The key of this nutrition plan is of course, variety and freedom to choose the combinations from your favorite foods.

Just like the method above, after you save your profile, it will generate the nutrition plan which covers the amount of fat, protein, calories and fat you need to get. Hence, this nutrition plan can optimize the muscle mass in accordance with your metabolism and your body type.

Does it really work??

Yes it works as long as you follow the nutrition plan and the exercises recommended by this program. Just give it time and you'll see the results. (the results may vary to each individual though)

60 days money back guarantee

The Muscle Maximizer is a product from Clickbank marketplace, the biggest online retail outlet who handles more than 10000 digital products. Note that the payment and refund is also handled by them. Furthermore, this program is backed with 60 days money back guarantee. So, don't hesitate to ask for refund if you think that the Muscle Maximizer doesn't work like it should.

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  • Who is Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer for?
SMM was intended for those who are serious about weight training, not guys who want to half-heartedly workout. 
  • What If I Don’t Know My Somatotype?
This happens to be the most common question asked by potential users. Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer contains a specific portion within the program that is specially designed for aiding users in determining their own somatotype. Even if you think you know your somatotype, it is recommended that you use this section of the program for the sake of accuracy.
  • What If I Don’t Like The Foods That I Have To Eat?
The Muscle Maximizer program includes seemingly endless options of foods that you can eat. Essentially, you are given three meal plans daily that are made specifically for you. If a meal plan doesn’t interest you then simply substitute it out for a different meal plan that you find more appealing. It’s nearly impossible to not find something you like.

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