Bodyweight Burn Review - 21 Minutes Weight Loss System

Bodyweight Burn program
In this article, you can see the review of Bodyweight Burn, the newest program from Adam Steer. What is inside the program??, can this program help you lose weight??, who is Adam Steer??, and more...


It is no longer a secret that mere diet is not enough to help people lose weight. Yes, you need to know the correct ways or methods to burn the fat by using proper body training hence you can lose the weight successfully , which is the biggest reason why i recommend you this Bodyweight Burn System.

About Adam Steer, the creator behind Bodyweight Burn

Adam is a trainer who is more popular with his effective and unique bodyweight exercise. Before Bodyweight Burn, he has created a fat loss programs like Shapeshifter Body Redesign and Bodyweight Exercise Revolution. What we can say is, Bodyweight Burn system is created by an expert in his field.

What is exactly the Bodyweight Burn??

It is a system that can help you burn stubborn fat effectively (only 21 minutes a day) without using boring workout methods. The goal of this program, according to Adam, is to help you get rid of fat out of your body in 12 weeks.

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Interval training, the key of this program

Most exercise methods you can find inside Bodyweight Burn are based form the effective, high intensity interval training. The Interval training, according to wikipedia, is a kind of body training that involves low to high intensity workouts, but it requires period for rest between the training. Furthermore, Interval training is well known for its effectivity for body.

Three workout types you can find inside the program

* Afterburner workouts

According to European Journal of Applied Physiology study, in term of calorie burning, 15 minutes of resistance training is as effective as weight lifting in 35 minutes. Furthermore, unlike conventional workout, you can still feel the benefits of this training 24 hours after the exercise (yes, your body will burn the fat even after you stop doing the training). Hence, Adam called it  “Afterburner workouts”.

* Metabolic Muscle workout

It is designed to help you burn more fat and get attractive lean muscle. Don't worry, since this method is not too intense, you will not get “bulky” body after following this program.

* Cardioflow

With this fun method, you can say goodbye to boring and long workouts like jogging and treadmills. Cardioflow consists of fun bodyweight movements. Well now you can have fun while burning the fat.

Bodyweight Burn is the right choice for:

A beginner who just wants to start the workout routines at home, or busy people who don't have enough time to attend the gym.

Bodyweight Burn contains variety of movement exercise, from low intensity, medium to high intensity. So, you can choose the exercise you like depending on your age and your fitness level.

Pros and cons of the program


- Effective, fun and easy to follow methods to get rid of stubborn fat, so you can say goodbye to long and boring workouts
- Gym equipments are not required, therefore you can do the workouts at home
- Completed with high quality video tutorials and journal to track your progress
- Backs with 60 days money back guarantee


- Only available online
- The nutrition plan inside the program is not completed with recipes

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Bodyweight Burn is a complete, easy to follow fat loss solution made for those who don't have time to attend the gym. Yes, Bodyweight Burn is one of the best and a perfect choice if you want to lose weight and improve your health at the same time.

Unfortunately, Adam doesn't provide you with recipes in the nutrition guide plan inside his Bodyweight Burn. As we all know, certain foods recipes, along with the right exercises can help you torch the fat. Furthermore, the Bodyweight Burn system is a fat loss program, so the building-muscle methods you can find inside it are not too intense.

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Additional information

Of course this review is not complete if we don't give you more information about Bodyweight training, the method that Bodyweight Burn system is based and focused on. Therefore, we hope the information below can increase your interest to join the program, keep reading...

What is the Bodyweight Training?

If you often skip the exercise program to go to the gym for various reasons, then now you do not need to do it again. Because by using the Bodyweight Strength Training Exercise method, you can do the exercises anytime and anywhere.

Bodyweight Training is an exercise that does not require heavy equipment like Dumbell, Barbell or something like that and focuses only on our own weight and the gravity.

This Bodyweight training exercise can enhance a variety of biomotor abilities including strength, endurance, speed, reflexes and flexibility of foot and hand coordination and balance.

Bodyweight Training, the benefits:

Effective to burn belly fat

Why Bodyweight Training is perfect to burn your belly fat? because the simplest movements such as Burpees when done correctly can activate or move many muscles at once and not only shrink the belly, Burpees can also increase strength and endurance, improve reflexes and flexibility, foot and hand coordination skills, muscle endurance and cardiovascular system (heart work) in a very short time.

low risk of injury

The main requirement to start exercise and shape our bodies is our awareness of the risk of injury that we will experience, the higher the risk, the more dangerous for our bodies.

Why Bodyweight Training minimizes the risk of injury? because the burden we face is our own body rather than using a barbell or other ballast machine.

Gym equipment is not required

maybe some of you think the world of fitness is not only time-consuming, but also wasting your money. Not to mention if you use the services of personal trainers, then each month of course you will spend more money to pay for it. This is what often makes you and others lazy to cultivate and shape your body in the gym. The gym is the most suitable place to quickly get a muscular body, but if you are worried as it may affect your finances, then you are wrong!

Gym is not the only place to build a muscular body. You can do it anytime and anywhere. You also do not need any special equipment to train your body. Even if you want, you also do not have to leave home to do it.

This exercise only requires our own body weight, we can do it anywhere either in the guest room, or in your room.

Everybody can try the Bodyweight training

Most for those who are still beginners in the fitness world, often feel less confident to do exercises in the gym. Feeling bad because his body is not as good as the men who are practicing in the same gym. Not to mention they have to do weight training with a weight that is too large, it will cause injury to you who are beginners. Ignorance practice techniques are common thing at the gym, making beginners often missteps in doing the exercises.

But not when you use the Bodyweight Strength Training method. With this exercise, beginners can practice at home without worrying about having to do moves they do not know about. Indeed when using this exercise method, you can only rely on the weight of the maximum body to train your body muscles.

Unlike the case when you are doing the exercises at the time in the gym you can choose yourself the load that you will use to exercise. But for those of you who are preoccupied with time because of work, then this exercise method is the solution for you to get a body that remains in shape with better performance.

Movement movement on Bodyweight Training including easy to do for all people, both women and men, young and young can all do it for example Pushup and Situp or Human Flag.

Many Variations of Movement

In performing Bodyweight Strength Training movements, the advances made by using many variants of movement make it more challenging. So, Bodyweight Strength Training movements are not just limited to weight loss as when you use a barbell or kettlebell. For example, if you do push-ups, for the first time maybe you can do a push-up as in general. However, when you are tired of doing that, you can do variations, for example with push-ups using one hand.