Turbulence Training Review: Best Workout Program for Men

Turbulence Training
In this article, we are going to give you the review of Turbulence Training. What can you get inside this fat loss program??, the pros and cons, does it really work??, about the creator: Craig Ballantyne and more...

Obviously, a lot of men want to lose weight and at the same time, gaining great looking muscle. Now the question is, how to achieve the results above without using boring methods or wasting too much time??. Well, introducing you, the Turbulence Training program.

About Craig Ballantyne

He is a bodybuilder and the writer for Men's health and Men’s Fitness, Maximum Fitness, and also for Oxygen magazines. So yes, this program is handled by the right and experienced person. (don't worry, "Craig Ballantyne" is a real person, not a pen name).

In fact, his unique fitness program got featured a lot of times in Men’s Fitness magazines. Furthermore, Craig's Turbulence Training system has helped a lot of people to burn fat and build ideal body & muscle effectively.

What is inside the program anyway??

The Turbulence Training contains eBook as the main manual, exercise videos and also nutrition plan. The content of the eBook itself is quite short. The bright side is, the content inside the eBook is straight to the point, which makes it easy to understand and follow.

And the most important thing is, this Turbulence Training program is not as complex as the fitness program I've reviewed before, the Old School New Body. Furthermore, this training requires you to workout, only 45 minutes in a day per week.

The creator of Turbulence Training
According to Craig, the Turbulence Training is a combination between resistance and interval training, resulting to the improve of your metabolism, thus you can get the most optimal benefits.

This program itself is designed for beginners who are new in workout routines. But don't worry, this Turbulence Training is still challenging for the people who usually spend their time in gym.

Well, this turbulence will help you gain two benefits at the same time: lose weight while gaining more muscles. Not just that, its diet plan will also guide you for better results. Craig in this program recommends you to get foods with high protein and fiber that can help boost your fitness level, and avoid processed foods.

Therefore, with the help of this program you will find how to choose the right foods to eat and what foods to avoid, lose weight without boring cardio and burn fat at home.

Interval training method quick look

Interval training itself is the basic of this program where you need to shift between low and high intensity in training.

Here is the explanation: you need to warm up for a few minutes before starting to workout, and then you can start the training with 10% or 20% intensity. After that you can jump to 50% or 70% intensity. After a few minutes you can switch to 30% intensity and finish it with cooling down. (i know it sounds complicated but don't worry, you'll fully understand it once you join the program). Note that you need to adjust the intensity of the training depending on your power and stamina.

Pros & Cons of the program


* Beside eBook, it also contains videos guide
* Made by an expert in his field
* To the point and easy to follow guide
* A lot of unique exercises and training you might not find in other programs
* Gym equipment is almost not required
* Works well for both man and women (most women might find if the exercise methods in this program are quite heavy)


* Its program includes diet (if you are looking for a diet program that doesn't require heavy exercise then i recommend you the Eat Stop Eat system)
* The result takes time, not made for those who want instant results

Why you should follow Turbulence Training?

This training program provides a lot of workouts variation you can choose that's suitable with your fitness level and your taste. The variation in workout routines, according to Craig, is great & effective to burn the fat and boost body's metabolism. Craig also explains that you need to change your workout pattern for at least every three or four weeks, otherwise you can put your workout routines to failure.

60 days money back guarantee

The Turbulence Training is registered under Clickbank marketplace and is protected with their product return policy. Your investment in this product is safe and secured. Obviously, this is to ensure that the Turbulence Training is not a scam product.

The last words from me

It's quite hard to find a good and suitable training program for everyone. Turbulence Training, however, is not a perfect program and not recommended for those who don't like intense workout routine. So, i hope that after you read this review, then you can decide if Turbulence Training is the right choice for you or not. Thanks for reading this article...

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Most exercise methods inside the Turbulence Training can push your body to the limit. So, don't forget to check your health condition first before joining this program.