Metabolic Stretching Review: A Revolutionary Way to Get Lean

With Metabolic Stretching you can try a new way to burn body fat simply with "revolutionary stretches" in 15 minutes a day, or that's what's claimed by the program. So keep reading and find more about this workout plan.

The program can help boost your strength and flexibility, and the program can promise that you can do it without equipment. So basically it's similar with bodyweight exercise.

And since Metabolic Stretching is a simple program with straight forward method, then you won't find lengthy PDF manual or pointless exercise videos.

What is stretching?

According to Everyday Health, stretching is kind of exercise to boost your mobility and flexibility by lengthening your muscle. You can do it with movement, or by extending them.

Depending on the type of stretching to do, you can build your strength, as preparation for workout routine, or get the body and mind relaxed.

About the author

The program is created by Brian Klepacki, and he introduces himself not just as a certified specialist on strength and conditioning field, but also a coach from Critical Bench.

Before Metabolic Stretching, he also contributed to develop the Unlock Your Glutes program which can help you get stronger.

Thanks to his almost two decades of experience to train his client, the Metabolic Stretching program he created can help you focus in getting better fit body with more flexibility.

The three biggest lies in weight loss industry

Coach Brian inside the program also explains three biggest lies you can find easily in weight loss industry:

a. "You must starve yourself with crash diet for reducing weight"

Starving may sound great idea for cutting weight, and many people have tried this method and dropped weight with fast.

However, Coach Brian explains that this diet type can cause malnutrition since you won't get supposedly amount of protein and many important minerals for body.

b. "12 weeks high intensity training is needed to shape body"

For people who have dedicated their life as an enthusiast then time should not be a problem, since they are used with workout for hours in a day. But let's admit that not everyone got time. Thus you need something that can train your body with effective.

In fact, Coach Brian claims that you can build body and see result in 14 days.

c. "You must spend hours to run cardio in a day"

Running the cardio like jogging activity around the park is fun, however it is not the answer for the people who to burn body fat, even you do it for hours.

Coach Brian, still inside his Metabolic Stretching explains that you can increase metabolism simply with exercise within 15 minutes. Once again, the answer is not running cardio for hours.

Stretching obviously is not something new and it's also one of the best method in improving flexibility and switching on the "engine of fat burning" inside body.

According to Brian you can unlock the key to optimize fat burning process, should you do it the right way. 

What is inside the program?

Now let's go deeper to see what's exactly to find inside Metabolic Stretching.

First is The Metabolic Stretching
Coaching Videos, where you will be taught how to do every single move and perform the movement perfectly. This includes how to do the plan from beginning to the end.

The second is The Metabolic Stretching
Follow Along Videos, where you can run the routines completely by following the content inside the videos.

And simply lose the confusion about what to do and how to do it right. By watching the video you can simply follow the exercise practiced by the fitness model.

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The benefits of Metabolic Stretching plan

According to the program, you can run a powerful workout as the result of reducing the time for fat burning sessions. And you will have more focus for your body conditioning, and get your flexibility and strength improved.

Pros and cons of the program

- No specific equipment is needed, unlike suspension TRX where you need straps or weight training where you need weights and certain gym equipment.
- Metabolic Stretching program can help improve body flexibility, and it does not just about burning the fat.
- Works for beginners, and you can perform the exercise in 15 minutes at home. Moreover, it is still challenging for those who are used with exercise routines.
-You can use it as either a main plan for training, or a method to complete your main exercise routine.
- Backed with money back guarantee.

- Available in digital format only.
- The product is full of workout videos, that will be less attractive for users who prefer to read a guide with a lot of pages.


Surely with 15 minutes to run the exercise plan, it will be hard to resist this as something to practice, let alone the benefits you can get.

That said, Metabolic Stretching maybe not the best product for those who want to burn fat. Nonetheless you can still enjoy the plan and improve your mobility, flexibility and fitness.

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