Caveman Feast Review: 210 Paleo Recipes From Civilized Caveman

From the collaboration between George Bryant and Abel James, comes the The Caveman Feast.

Well before i give you more explanation, does the Abel James name ring the bell??. If you have read my other review about the fat burning chef cookbook then surely you know about this guy.

Fortunately, beside the fat burning chef, he also contributed to make another good cookbook, The Caveman Feast.

What comes into you your mind when hear the word "caveman". Obviously, the lived under the cave and had not invented modern life like us today. But they were healthier and could life longer than most modern people. The secret is of course, beside their active and mobile lifestyle, they always consumed natural and healthy foods.

What can you find inside this paleo cookbook??

George Bryant, creator of this book, shared what you can inside his product through the official site:

Beef Entrees
Pork Entrees
Poultry Entrees
Seafood Entrees
Sides and more

the most important is of course, George doesn't involve bad ingredients like  Processed Sugars and grain.

So, what benefits you can get through this paleo cookbook??

George promises that by following his recipes, you will get benefits like: better Immune System, healthy skin, lose the weight and get more energy.

The recipes example:

From the Caveman Feast official site, you can see his free two recipes:

a. Grilled spiced peaches
To make this recipes you need coconut oil, peaches, raw honey, nutmeg, cinnamon and chili powder.

b. lemon cucumber noodles with cumin
you need ingredients like whole cucumber, lemon, sea-salt and cumin.

unless if you're new to cooking routine, The recipes above are easy to make.

Thank you for reading this article...