Workout Finishers Review: Addictive Methods to Burn Fat

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In this review, discover the methods to eliminate body fat with the help of Workout Finishers version 2.0. They are 51 new Metabolic Finishers integrated into one affordable package. So, what can you find inside the program?, does it work?, who's the man behind the program?, and more...

What is the Workout Finishers??

This is a fitness program designed to burn fat at home without using boring method, like running on a treadmill for example. Furthermore, Mike Whitfield, the creator of Workout Finishers, wants to show you about his breakthrough “Metabolic Stacking” methods inside his program.

To be honest, the previous version of Workout Finishers (v 1.0) is lack of variety. Fortunately, Mike is aware of that and has refreshed his program. Now, with the help of the Workout Finishers new version, training and exercises routines become easy to do, less boring and the most important: more efficient. So, this program is suitable for busy people who don't have time to attend a gym.

Note that the expensive equipment or standard gym equipment like dumbbells almost not required when you're following the Workout Finishers methods.

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About Mike Whitfield, the creator of Workout Finishers

Workout Finishers program creator

Mike is a trainer who also contributes to "the Men’s Health Big Book of Getting Abs" book. Well, the Workout Finishers itself is based from Mike's journey in battling against fat where he lost 105 pounds. Not just that, Mike was also regularly featured on various popular fitness blogs and magazines like Men’s Health, Atlanta Journal, and Turbulence Training blog. Now, through this program, Mike wants to share his great journey to those who want to get healthier, and better body.

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“Metabolic Stacking” training methods, the basic of this program

Beside redesigned the official site of Workout Finishers system, Mike now focuses on “Metabolic Stacking” training that consists of four important variables, here they are:

             * Density
             * Active Recovery
             * Strategic Rest Periods
             * High Volume Using Unique Set and Rep Schemes

Still from his official site, Mike claims that the variables above can improve your body condition and get more athletic. Furthermore, you don't have to leave your favorite exercises while following Mike's methods.

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Six components inside the Workout Finishers 2.0

Density Finishers (Component 1)

It focuses heavily on metabolic density training (MDT). It is intended for you to training and burn fat without taking too much time.

Metabolic Circuit Finishers (Component 2)

It contains "150 Madness Circuit" method that helps you build muscle. In case you're wondering, Circuit training, according to Wikipedia, is when three or more high-intensity aerobics intended for strength and muscular endurance are performed in sequence.

Ladder Finishers (Component 3)

As the name implies, this component uses ladder method. Mike promises that your body will be more athletic as you advance this method. 

Gauntlet Finishers (Component 4)

Now it's for you to burn the belly fat by using the gauntlet exercise that takes only a few minutes.

Superset Finishers (Component 5)

This superset move contains the variety of ladders, density, high rep sets and more.

Finishers Exercise Library (Component 6)

Just like the name of this component, here you will find finishing moves like javelin lunge, body mountain climber combo and more. Each move comes with photos and detailed explanation.

In addition to the components above, you will be given a nutrition guide. Obviously, in order the get the ideal body and good looking muscles, you need to know the right foods to get.

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Who is the Workout Finishers program for?

* If you think the program is only suitable for men or women who are already got fit body, then you are completely wrong. The truth is, Workout Finishers is great and is suitable for people with all levels of fitness. Even most fitness trainers might find if the training inside the program is quite challenging!!.

men's muscle

* Workout Finishers system provides a lot of effective training that take less of your time compared to standard training methods. Hence, it is suitable for busy workers who don't have enough spare time to do exercise.

* Furthermore, this program is more recommended for those who have reached the "plateau" stage and are struggle to lose more pounds.

The Pros

* Workout Finishers system provides effective training that are suitable for anyone with all levels of fitness.
* Workout Finishers package includes nutrition guide plan which is easy to understand and follow.
* You don’t have to give up your current training while following the program.
* 60 days money back guarantee, so don't hesitate to ask for refund if you think the results of Workout Finishers is not as good as you might expect.

The Cons

a woman doing workout

* Workout Finishers is not a miracle method to burn fat. Obviously, it takes time for you to see the results of every body training you follow.


Workout Finishers contains easy to follow guide and methods to help you burn fat and get good looking body. This program will work as long as you follow the training methods continuously. But of course, Workout Finishers system is not an overnight program, so it will take plenty of time to see the results.

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