14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan Review: Eliminate Fat Quickly

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan
Obviously, you can find a lot of diet and fat loss program available online. Some work, while a few of them not. So what you can get with this "14 day rapid fat loss plan" program. Does it work fast like the name it implies??, keep on reading to get the answer...

It's really easy for most people who live in modern age to suffer from excessive fat. Not just because of the foods they consume, but also because of their unhealthy lifestyle as well. Furthermore, a lot of people try heavy exercise in order to burn fat. Now here is the good news for you: 14 day rapid fat loss plan by Shaun Hadsall.

More information about Shaun

Shaun Hadsall is a diet and nutrition consultant, and he is also an expert in fitness field. This is to ensure that this program is made by the man who knows about his stuff. Thanks to his over 20 years experience, you can now see the quality from his program.

Moreover, you can also find his books and journal featured on sites like New York Times and Oxygen. Shaun also stated inside his "Beyond 40" site about his commitment to help people reach ideal wellness, regardless of their age.

14 day rapid fat loss plan program is the faster way to fat loss

It's a good combination of the workout methods with diet. Yes, workout, since it's one of the most important factor to burn fat effectively. Plus, diet program to secure your effort to increase the chance of your success. Hence, you can burn your stubborn fat as fast as possible.

One thing to note that, once you buy the program, you're going to get PDF eBook. Fortunately, the content inside the eBook is not too hard to follow, especially for the beginners.

Once you purchase the eBook, these what you can find
- new proven methods to help you burn fat faster
- how to lose extra fat with Shaun's special methods
- certain physical exercise and workout methods to lose weight

Not just that, this program is also completed with videos presentation.
14 fat burning desserts and dinners

14 day rapid fat loss plan is completed with delicious recipes cookbooks as bonuses

Does 14 day rapid fat loss plan really work??

As long as you follow the diet and exercise methods, the program will surely work. However, it might take longer for most person, since the metabolism rate of each person is different.

the good
- easy to follow
- affordable

the bad
- requires you to exercise
- takes longer time for some people to see the result

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How to lose body fat fast with 14 day rapid fat loss plan

(my contributor sent me this article about how the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan program can help you eliminate the fat storage in the body)

Sometimes, most people who want to achieve ideal body tend to avoid foods with high carbohydrates. Obviously, it is because they are afraid that by consuming lots of high carbs foods can affect their body shape. Furthermore, carbohydrates will produce fat which is stored in their body. As the result, they will look fatty, especially in the tummy.

Shaun Hadsall

Shaun Hadsall provides three simple ways to avoid too much fat storage in the body even though you eat lots of carbs. In his program, he tries to persuade people not to avoid carbohydrate consumption. He keeps reminding that it is important to consume carbs for producing energy to our body.

Even though consuming carbs is needed to our body, we need to be careful with the portion. Furthermore, we have to do exercises so that the fats produced by the carbs we consume will not be stored as fat.

However, doing exercises is not enough. We need to pay attention on how our body works towards what we eat, especially carbs. It does not necessarily means that you have to go on carbs diets where you have to lower your carbs consumption portion or even not to eat carbs at all. Shaun Hadsall, through his 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan program, provides solution to solve this problem.

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Shaun Hadsall highlights that carbs are needed for metabolism and it supports burning fats easier. Therefore, if you avoid eating carbs, you may damage your metabolism system and alter your fat-burning hormones. Because of that, the body will not burn the fat. It’s better for you to still consume carbs because they will provide energy, stimulate the work of fat-burning hormones, and increase the rate of metabolism process.

The second step suggested by Shaun Hadsall is by burning fat. You still can eat your favorite carbs foods but you have to utilize the carbs you have eaten. The point of the second tips is that you are encouraged to do some body exercises to burn your fat. Doing exercises prevents the body to store fat. That is why, the more you utilize the carbs, the more energy you spend. It triggers to the use of the fat as energy storage. Therefore, the fat storage will be lower and lower.

Besides still consuming carbs and burning carbs, Shaun Hadsall also suggests you to eat carbs in the right time. The best time of consuming carbs is actually after the workout. After doing such appropriate exercise, your body muscle will absorb carbs to replace the loss of energy during the workout. However, eating carbs in 3 or 4 hours before doing exercise routine will also good because the carbs will be burn while you are doing it. Shaun also reminds you not to eat carbs in the wrong time, let’s say at night, because there will be no energy burning. It’s better to eat carbs as your breakfast.

Once again, our body needs carbs to gain energy. Avoiding eating carbs may harm your hormones and metabolism system. Eating carbs with proper way is necessary for our body. Those are the methods of eating carbs while avoiding the fat storage you can learn from this program.

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