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The "F" inside F4X name means focus, and the number four means as the core exercise you can identify and run effectively.

This training system can lay out different kind from workout plan to do, and the goal you need to reach should even more fun to hear.

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Don't be shy to admit your failure about the result before, since you can fix it by getting the better plan to do.

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This should incorporate the main exercise as the core, and the complete Old School New Body training would give what's needed by a person.

Depending on the time you have, or maybe the goal, choose the most ideal training or simply start from the first page of the guide.

And try to optimize what you've been doing with the selected workout, and for regular training, then basically it's your best option.

You need to complete running this plan, and get it successfully done in some times per week, and ensure to create target time to keep yourself motivated.

With personal training to do regularly, then you can switch between the phases of this program easily, and gain the best energy level.