Suspension Revolution Review - Get Ripped Abs Faster

Suspension Revolution Program
Dan Long finally renewed his remarkable workout program, the Suspension Revolution. So what you can find inside this system??, keep on reading to get the complete answer...

Compared to the previous version, the Suspension Revolution version 2.0 offers more contents and bonuses. But don't worry, the soul of this program remains the same.

So what is Dan's goal when creating the Suspension Revolution??. Well, if you visit his official site then you can clearly see that this program is designed to help you get ripped abs successfully.

About the creator, Dan Long

Before we continue this review, it is important for you to know about the man behind this program. Well, Dan Long is a fitness expert from Tampa, Florida. For years he trained a lot of persons in his own facility. And now, Dan shares his experience and knowledge through this Suspension Revolution system.

Here are what you can find inside the program:

* Beginner Suspension Revolution

This is the brief introduction before you are getting deeper into the program. It contains of a PDF that consists of 50 pages. The goal of this PDF is to show the right exercises method for beginners. After you are used with these methods, you can now go to the higher level.

* Intermediate Suspension Revolution

It looks similar with the method above, the difference is of course, the exercises methods inside it are rather hard.

* Advanced Suspension Revolution

Yes, this is the main menu of this program. Dan named this method with "Kill Mode" aka "fat loss mode", where your body is one hundred percent ready to burn fat optimally.

Note that the PDFs you can find inside the Suspension Revolution are completed with pictures and explanation that show you how to do the exercise steps by steps, so you won't get confused despite the complexity of this program.

Bonuses inside the program

Once you order this Suspension Revolution, you'll get bonuses that consist of free three eBooks and training video, here they are:

* Core Blasting Accelerators

Designed to help you burn fat and get more energy as fast as possible.

* Steel Pumping Power Sets

Generally, you don't have to use any gym equipment when following this Dan Long's system. However, this eBook is an exception. With the right combination from Dan's methods and weight training, ideal body and muscle is no longer a dream.

* Strap After Burn Finishers

Dan Long works together with Mike Whitfield, the creator of Workout Finishers, and bring you "the after burn finishers". This method is recommended to do after the main workout.

* Top 10 Suspension Exercises videos

These ten videos contains of suspension exercises designed to burn more fat and transform your body.

Pros & cons of the program

- affordable
- this program contains complete and detail methods to help you burn fat and get great muscle and abs.

- no nutrition guide plan, which is the biggest cons since it can boost the success rate of your effort in building better body.

Money back guarantee

It's very easy for somebody to get scammed when buying products online. Fortunately, Suspension Revolution comes with money back guarantee. So, if you feel that this workout program doesn't work, just ask your money back.


Suspension Revolution is a system that contains a lot of training and exercise methods to help you build the body and muscle you always dream. The biggest letdown is, Dan doesn't provide his suspension training with nutrition guide plan.

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