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Seems that you still need to frequently visit the gym even when you already joined inside Old School New Body program. Surely for the people who only want to be active at home then bodyweight plan for training should be more favorable for them.

Moreover, the obvious reason to visit the gym is you still need to use the weight bench that can be adjusted as well as dumbbells, though the latter can be still purchased and used at home.

The section for meal plan is thin, and the diet may look too generic for your favor. Nevertheless a diet plan inside is better than having nothing.

That said, it may not really please the "veteran" dieters, after all the product focuses more on physical activity to train the body.

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The training for strength has been simplified by the program, and actually run it for best result.

The training can be quite moderate to follow, with the target like to build the most lean muscle eventually, and can be practiced with certain minutes anytime possible.

With this to be included, then you can expect to get it digitally alongside more bonuses to get, still it does not affect the price of the product.

Despite the flaw or program cons, or something that you can easily find on other program, beat everything that may challenge you right away.

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