Phases to get through when you do Omni diet

First introduced in 2013 by Tana Amen, the Omni diet could be the option for someone in reducing weight. Now let's see more about what it has for you below.

According to author, her method can help reduce weight fast, as well as many other benefits for your health.
That said, Omni diet is not really popular if compared with other diet plan.

At first glance, Omni diet looks similar with Flexitarian diet, since you can eat almost anything from animal product except milk.
You can also see the strong similarity of the product with Paleo diet, since you are gonna eat potatoes, wheat and product from milk. So given the principles from those three diet method, you can actually feel the benefit.

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Moreover, the combination from foods source from animal and vegetables can actually helpful for your metabolism, and lower the weight. Plus such diet can reduce risk of diabetes.
For more specific, in one day you must get the foods mostly from vegetables, up to 70 percent. And the other 30 percent from animal product.
According to the author, your body must reach the balance while doing exercise, thus you can reach the better state. For the rest of diet you can eat what you want, except for the foods that are forbidden in this diet.

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Basically, you need to know kind of foods to get and avoid, and you can slightly see them below.
The vegetables with low carbohydrates is recommended, and you can also get tomatoes and carrot.

The eggs are fine to get, as well as olive oil and almond oil.

Moreover, the only sweetener recommended is stevia, no sugar apparently.

To get the max benefits of Omni diet, you need to watch carefully what you want to drink, and surely sugar and also artificial sweetener must be avoided.
Cereal, white bread and cereal must be avoided at all cost as part of the plan.

There are three phases to run this kind of diet, with the phase 3 is the easiest phase, hence you must get through the difficulty from running the first two phases.
In phase one you must change your eating lifestyle, and avoid high fats food.
You need to practice it in two weeks, while also including workout as the program part.
In another phase, you must also include the first phase. The difference to see is more foods to include, and also another recommended exercise to do.

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