Diet Based on blood type A and see more about this

Diet based on your blood type is something unique, especially for type A which was started by Doctor D'Adamo, so let's try to analyze about this kind of diet and many rules that should not be forgotten as well.

Basically is about your eating pattern where you must prioritize the fruits & vegetables as main consumption.

The real idea according to the creator of this diet is about the human ancestors who relied on farming as their food source.

And they had trouble to digest fat and protein from animals.

And according to this assumption, Doctor D'Adamo recommends diet with the use of vegetables, fruits and grains as the sources.

It is believed that this kind of diet can help a person in reducing many type of diseases, give more energy and best for your digestive system.

To sum up, this diet recommends someone to eat the type of foods above, which are based on our ancestors' habits.

Some list of foods to consume range from green vegetables, peanuts, onions, green tea and more.

Yes you are right, this blood type diet is similar with vegetarian diet. Moreover, people can still enjoy eating chicken in certain number.

And in this diet there are foods to avoid such as red meat, corn, product from milk, potato, wheat white flour and more.

First the benefits from the diet is you can control the weight. Since the foods you eat are low of calories. Of course complete this by running exercise as well.

With the use of this diet, it can increase your awareness about the foods with healthy. Plus since you must also avoid "instant" foods and processed foods.

So the blood type A diet can encourage people in consuming foods that are considered healthy.

Last this kind of diet is beneficial for your heart due to the foods options you must consume.

Surely there's controversy regarding this diet where it's not based on research scientifically.

So similar with many diet program, there pros and cons to know as well.

The most noticeable thing is where you may get lack of protein since you don't eat meat when running this diet.

So there's risk that you diet plan will feel imbalanced because of many restrictions while following this plan.