Get ripped with Suspension Revolution not bulky

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As mention previously, Suspension Revolution is best when you aim for losing the fat and build the muscle, in some months that you need to hard work for running the process.

But also notice the setback you can find within the plan, since you may expect to bulk up body, then get disappointed. Basically someone in this program can gain ripped body, not bulky. That said, when your body is too big, then you will become slow and lose the agility. Moreover, if you want to be like an athlete then you may not lose your speed.

Thanks to Suspension Revolution, the desired body will be within grasp easily.

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And specifically about diet brought by Suspension Revolution, you can still enjoy it. Having said that, if you expect for a complete diet book to follow then see other choice.

Also note that it will not produce satisfying result if your desire is like bulky people at gym. It won't be like that since the body according to author must be shape like an athlete, muscular and also ripped, where you can keep the speed of body as well.

Once again, Suspension Revolution author does not intend to create the body like a wrestler, not only does it look too intimidating, you will become too slow. And if you want to become an alpha male, then getting ripped is enough.

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Maybe a little flaw can be found, especially about the video series that you can think is not too complete. But manual eBook should have covered such issue.

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