Choosing both diet and exercise for gaining ideal lean body

Various ways are done by women to get the ideal body shape. Unfortunately, not all women are lucky to get this body shape. So, how to make a slim body?

one thing that needs to be emphasized, there is no instant way to make the body slim like top models. Because it requires extra effort and discipline to trim body fat. Then, how?

There are at least two ways to make a slim body that you can try, namely through exercise and a healthy diet. However, which one is more powerful to make the body slim?

Exercise can prevent various diseases. Starting from coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, the risk of colon cancer, osteoarthritis, breast cancer, dementia, to depression.

Exercise can also help us to get the ideal body shape. In short, try to exercise regularly if you want to get a slim body.

Then, how often do we need to exercise? According to recommendations from WHO, adults aged 18-64 years need at least 150 minutes of physical activity (moderate-intensity aerobics) per week. Ideally, these 150 minutes are divided into five times a week, or 30 minutes each time you exercise.

Even so, to lose weight you are advised to do some type of aerobic exercise at least three times a week for a minimum of 20 minutes per session.

There is one more thing that should not be forgotten, how to make a slim body is not enough just to rely on one type of exercise. For example push-ups or sit-ups only. In other words, we need to combine various movements or exercises to trim fat so that the body becomes slim.

As with exercise, diet can also be tried to make the body slim. There are various diets that you can try, ranging from the mayo diet, the Mediterranean diet, to high protein.

diet can be used as a way to lose weight and improve health for those who are obese. Not only that, a healthy diet can also prevent diseases like heart disease, arthritis, and even worse cancer. 

Well, diet helps you to control the portion of food and calorie intake. Long story short, a healthy diet is an important part of a weight loss program.

Back to the main topic, which is more effective for weight loss, diet or exercise? Actually there are no studies that review in depth on this matter. However, many experts agree, a healthy way to lose weight should involve a healthy diet and exercise. How to make a slim body is not just enough to rely on diet or exercise. Both need to be combined to get maximum results.

A healthy diet and balanced nutritious food alone is not enough to be used as a way to make the body slim and avoid disease. Without regular physical activity, the dream of getting a healthy and slim body is just a false hope. A healthy lifestyle should involve exercise, a healthy diet, and adequate rest.

You could say a healthy diet and exercise are "two lovebirds" for weight loss. A healthy diet is in charge of maintaining and limiting calorie intake into the body, and exercise is in charge of burning extra calories in the body.

Well, in conclusion, combining exercise and a healthy diet is the best and effective way to lose weight. That way you can get a slim and healthy body shape.