The effect of improper cardio to belly fat problem

Cardio type of training is people often choose to lose fat and get fit. It can be running or simply using the bike around the park. Unfortunately, the cardio if done to higher intense won't be really good for the body. Especially when your main goal is to decrease the stomach size.

Cardio is a popular method for those who to reduce pounds. In general, it's quite effective to burn body fat. Technically, it can increase and affect the heart rate. Moreover, when the muscle of heart is on prime condition, then body can "transport" blood faster inside the body.

Kind of cardio like swimming and jogging have good benefits to supply oxygen with more amount to cells of muscle. In good amount, it helps enable body ability to reduce the fat.

Undoubtedly cardio have several benefits for the health, however note if on excess amount, cardio can give effect to condition inside the belly.

Moreover, cardio may affect to cortisol that can affect the effort in gaining ideal body shape.

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Sometimes people don't aware about hormonal effect to body, and as explained above, bad aerobic may affect to cortisol level. Thus, it can cause body keep the fat. The high amount of cortisol is also related to visceral fat and its increasing in the body.

Visceral fat may damage muscle and create fat inside the belly, which is reason the belly fat is hard to reduce.

The excessive cardio will hurt you not only because as the trigger of cortisol, and it will fail in response against catabolic cortisol process.

When a person do cardio for example, then he can trigger the hormones that effect to lose of fat, but if the activity is done excessively, then production of cortisol is what it triggers.

Moreover, you need to make the training you do to elevate the anabolic hormones which have strong correlation with loss of fat and also the stress reduction.

According to research, the continues aerobic within two months won't give significant result. Therefore, know your own limit and find where have to stop doing the body training for the health of body, and don't waste time and effort running something less useful.

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