Strength training or cardio? which one to do at first

It won't be a surprising thing the duration and the better intense of the training can be good if you still aim for reducing of weight, and for six months it can show effect.

Never get confused about what to practice first, in fact you're not the only person who hesitate what to do at first. So which must be included into priority between cardio or the muscle building?.

According to a fit site, in this case there's no wrong or right answer cause what you must do should be related to what you really need most.

The goal from physical activity to do also may affect your decision. Thus you can find easily what to get first.

If you want to get the muscle stronger and bigger, then you need to do strength training for this benefit. Therefore you will have large amount of power to gain such target.

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You can also other way around by keeping the focus to reduce fat more on large amount. Thus if you love cardio for such purpose then go with it. Note that strength training can also benefit for fat reduction.

Now the question is why you can still use cardio on proper amount to lose the weight?. Certainly, doing cardio before strength training is still a good choice.

You can also optimize the burning of calories by preparing to do cardio as proper as you can. The kind of training can help calories burned more than ordinary strength method.

You can also gain more effect of training and trigger EPOC process by practicing cardio first. The more percentage of EPOC you can trigger, then after the training session, you can hope more of calories to burn.

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Study also shows if you do weight training before an activity like running, then you'll get tired easily.

Another study also shows if the strength of muscle won't be affected by cardio and when you do strength training after it.

Moreover, mild to moderate aerobic may have a little effect and it won't have effect to the body in running for the next workout session.

Hence, for any of people who target the muscle to build first, then they should not afraid about the cardio training effect to their body. So now you can continue doing the training and gain result with optimal.

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