People who are lazy to exercise can try the activity inside at home

The lazy people, should they give a choice to do exercise then they'll definitely choose it as the last option. Obviously exercise is important for the body, so for this kind of people, they need some special treatment at least a few times per week. However, you can also dome some things as mild activity to replace the workout.

You may already know if the lack of exercise may give bad impact to chronic disease, including diabetes. The problem could be worsen if your eating habit is also bad as well.

Luckily, research found that you can integrate exercise aspect into life routines, thus anyone who hate to do exercise can gain a little advantage from this activity.

Interestingly experts have calculated the physical activity to larger definition so any of individual who do certain activity can be considered as doing "the exercise".

The normal and everyday activity like cleaning the house and walking around the area has been considered as light activity of physical for body.

Therefore, more or less the everyday activity they do have benefit to the health of body.

The Heart Association of American also suggest the lazy person to substitute the intense exercise they supposedly do through physical activity for some times per week, even better if done it in almost one hour.

Some easy tips to use can be read below, which are as effective as doing the jogging.

If you work on the office on higher floor, then you can use the stair instead of elevator. It may look hard especially if you have problem with weight. But the routine is worth it as long as you can longer to survive running the activity.

But note if by using the stair, it can also give pain to knee, so remember to do it moderately, and reduce the weight without actually hurting the other body part.

If you are shopping at mall, find the parking spot which is quite far from the gate, so you can walk more to where you want to go.

By walking on foot with good amount, you can even decrease stress level and gain fitter of body.

By cleaning the house regularly is not only good to make the house better obviously but also make you do a little physical activity.

By doing many movements, even though not too intense, can contribute to the burnt of calories.

In the end all of the activities above look as everyday activity, yet it may contribute to the health of body.