Keeping the beauty of skin before and after exercise

You can see another benefits of exercise for the health of skin, especially with proper one that can get you look younger. So more question if what more you can do in treating the skin especially for the women who love doing exercise?.

Never deny if exercise does give positive result to beauty of skin, which has been researched by expert.

You can do certain thing to prevent early aging which include resistance workout and aerobic, and fortunately, the more you do them with correct, see the effect to more beautiful skin.

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Note that all of the result can't be gained automatically, and some of important preparation must be done on the following.

The use of sunscreen for example, is necessary when you do workout outside.

When you do more activity outside of your house, then obviously you will face more of UV which can damage the skin and may boost the early aging effect.

Even worse, your body could produce excess oil from inside that blocks the pores and trigger the acne, if you are exposed with sunlight on prolong time.

When to choose sunscreen, make sure to buy one which is suitable for your activity, not just ordinary sunscreen for sunbathing.

You don't really have to wash face first before doing the exercise, but it depends on your choice entirely.

Using the moisturizing can also cause its own problem for the skin while running the exercise, as it cause face pores to clog and trigger further problem for the skin.

Beside the use of right sunscreen, you need to the hygiene towel to clean the sweat after running intense exercise. Obviously do it gentle otherwise it skin irritate the skin.

The other obvious thing to do is to change your dirty clothes which is full of bacteria which is harmful for skin and can cause acne.

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