Why Plank exercise is not the answer for belly fat problem

You might often hear about the recommendation to use method plank for reducing the belly size. Unfortunately, even you do such training excessively, it won't help for that purpose. Turns out if method like plank is never intended to target belly fat.

Even though often introduced as reliable method to smash belly fat, the fact is it can help for muscle strengthening. Moreover, plank is good in adding mass of muscle, and help people get stronger, rather than eliminating the fat storage inside the belly.

People often think if running plank is more than enough as its effect in tightening the abs muscle, unfortunately as said above, it will never enough to erase the fat problem you are having inside the stomach.

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A research also shows if people who do plank with routines don't show any significant reduction from their visceral fat percentage.

The reason behind is, the metabolism of fat also occurs to whole body when you're running plank, not to inside belly area only.

Also remember that when you perform exercise on targeted area does not mean you will reduce fat on that place. Plank as exercise, if you do repetitively without trying alternative way for exercise and variation, then what you do is nothing but failure.

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Turns out there's no kind of effective way that can target the fat storage inside the belly alone. All of them depend on burnt calories while working out and body fat percentage. It can also depend on intensity, duration, as well as the exercise variation you do.

You might also need to live not just with proper workout, but also with better lifestyle.

You can start to manage the lifestyle by reducing the stress, gain quality sleep time, and drink water with enough amount. The bad lifestyle can also ruin your weight loss treatment.

Finally with plank you can start to hope getting the abs muscle strengthened. However, never hope this method alone can help you eliminate visceral fat in belly alone. And it does not mean you must stop doing plank at all, and if you are interested in following better program for your trouble then simply search the articles in our blog.

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