Turns out women also need weight training as their exercise

Generally, weightlifting can be considered as endurance type of workout. But in this case, women tend to avoid this kind of training because they are afraid having bulky body.

The weight training method can also offer the same benefit to women, such as burn the fat, build better lean muscle and help cut the weight.

Unless they use certain of hormones supplement, they won't look like men. So females don't have to worry in doing some weightlifting.

Both male and female have chance to build toned muscle, but the goal of each gender and what they look about muscle might be different.

Most women may try any ways in getting ideal shaped of body, while men may get their size look bigger. On contrary to men, they may not look too excited having body with large muscle.

This body image is what can haunt them, cause the truth is you can build the muscle while losing the fat.

If you still believe if the only way to lose belly size is through cardio only, then this research who divide participant into those who follow exercise, who don't, and those who do weight training might surprise you.

The participant we mentioned the last have better success rate, and they reduced more fat significant compared to the other participant.

In the end it also proves of method to build muscle also affects the loss of fat. Moreover, you must do the training that can stop fat from coming back.

Weight training can increase your potential in burning more calories. That's because muscle need more energy for fiber reparation, and researcher also found if training like weightlifting can affect metabolism for more than 24 hours.

If you want to have more fun life then you must relieve the stress, and one way to do that is through exercise where you can reduce the hormones relate directly to stress condition.

When you are aging, bone fracture can be seen as potential problem as mass of bones decreasing. The training you've learning here is pretty good to grow the mass of bones.

The last is, should you do exercise with proper, it will give benefit you may never expect, and the weight training you do, under the right guide, won't damage body and get lean muscle.