Things that could happen when stopping from exercise routine

Generally you must get involved with healthy activity which is good in increasing energy and body mobility. With good physical activity, ensure that body will absorb enough oxygen and vitamins. Maybe because of a reason you stop doing workout, and what's the effect for the body?, then let's talk about this here.

On short term, you will have problem with with blood pressure, since the vessels of blood may already adapt with exercise you do. So you can notice the effect of body shortly after you do less movement than usual.

Lack of movement can trigger level of glucose and increases its level. So it may also increase disease of heart risk as well. Once you've stopped being active, the tissues inside muscle won't produce energy through the consumed sugar. And it can result to elevation of blood sugar.

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The slow of body's metabolism is also the potential thing you may face, not to mention about the risk of belly fat. Thankfully, if you become more active again then you can reduce the level of blood sugar.

Atrophy of muscle could annoy which can impact the joint, and this is where the change of body condition starts to happen.

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The condition might even worse if you usually do resistance method back then, and remember the loss of muscle might be affected by age factor, where older person tends to lose muscle easier.

The size of bicep can also decrease drastically. Moreover, muscle can be seem losing mobility and speed and even coordination. One week later, muscle will also lose the power to burn fat which can soon affect the metabolism. The impact is, fats will start to wrap inside the muscle.

Turns out those who are used to exercise and skips the activity might face problem with emotion. It's because brain grows less cell than usual just like when you do exercise.

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Even worse, because of body muscle in overall can't burn the fat supposedly, then later it can give impact to whole body like overweight. No wonder the exercisers who stop the activity might face the excess weight later in their phase of life.