Muscle could fail to build if you don't meet these factors

There are always many more ways in getting lean muscle, but on certain case, even after you've done hours of body training, all the things you do lead to fruitless. Eventually, they will stop doing the things they used to do for the gaining bigger muscle.

It's time to see the mistake ans some errors that lead to failure, and soon after, you can get them fixed ASAP through the steps below.

Do the reps depend on your situation and the intensity, if you are aiming for muscle then add more reps, and do less if you want to run less intense exercise.

And get also carbs for the meal plan, since protein alone won't do, according to expert. Many bodybuilders try to get more protein while ignoring the power of carbs to the build of muscle.

You can't do the training with proper with enough energy right?, then this process of muscle-building won't be one percent complete if you don't include carbs to eat to diet menu. Plus the re-gain of tissue of muscle requires carbohydrate as well.

During the workout, remember more variations that must included to your movement. People who tend to do the exact exercise continuously will limit their own ability in gaining better result, plus the plateau can haunt them. Changing variation of training may look annoying, yet it's important to boost muscle growth, or simply if you want to get challenged.

Maybe the excess cardio you do is the another factor that blocks the result. In fact, this thing can disrupt the build of muscle you train so hard before.

That said, do cardio in reasonable amount if you want to boost strength and size of muscle, which can be done in some days, and the rest of days, you can practice weight training for gaining goal rapidly.

Last is improve the sleep quality and duration so your body can actually build the muscle. Moreover, the problem with sleep can boost cortisol level that give negative effect for your physiological condition.

And when you're sleeping, muscle can repair the cells, and you'll get energy enough for running the workout for a full day.