Intensity and duration as important factors for exercise

Which one would you prefer if you have to choose between intensity or duration for the workout?, surely you're not the only people who might ask about this situation. In general the exercise benefit is recommended for body, but of course you must do it regularly so you can gain a better result and get improvement higher.

Read the explanation below and find the most important factor from such case above.

To improving exercise performance gradually, you can do endurance training which includes many factors like the frequency, intensity and the time to do it.

The resistance training can also reduce the effect of doing exercise for too long, such as immunity problem, fatigue and insomnia.

It's also stated that the kind of training of what athletes do for few times a week or more. There's also kind of combination exercise used such as 75 percent for low intense and 25 percent for higher intense.

The ideal duration of exercise with proper intensity for the training can result to relatively better result, and you can adapt to another training to do. Thus it can sum up if the benefit exercise can be optimized through doing the better resistance workout and reduce injuries at same time.

Both intensity and the time of workout you do have effect for the training, and don't be surprised if you feel many good result like the build of muscle, flexibility and more strength. Also note that all of the intensity and duration time of exercise can give direct correlation to body and its condition.

To transform body successfully, with the combination use from resistance, and your other favorite method, expect to feel the great reduction of overweight which give bad effect and health risk.

Study reveals that the consistent resistance method to do can get blood pressure more stable, not just for the loss of weight. So carry on with the training and do it with short time or longer, depending the main goal.

Of course, it needs further investigation so we can see more clearly about what to do regardless of the intensity from the exercise.