Foods to get, and also to avoid for balancing hormones

It's not a surprising thing when your emotion is triggered when feeling stress. At this situation the body produces cortisol more than usual hence the imbalanced. Turns out hormones do have effect to mind and health physically.

Keeping the ideal balance is a must and you can get it through some of foods we recommend below.

Foods with high protein can get the hormones balance. And find them from meat sources or vegetables.

Protein is essential in keeping ideal health of bones and mainly muscle. Beside, it can relate to hormones that relates to strong function to appetite.

Moreover, the ideal amount of protein play role for body metabolism.

Cabbages and broccoli is known for their effect against large number of estrogen and the balanced condition of hormones.

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You must also get healthy fats from sources like avocado to lower the resistance of insulin. They can trigger hormones that will help you avoid overeating that leads to excess weight.

On the opposite, there are foods that can disrupt the balance of hormones.

High sugar for example should be reduced, for women specifically. Unfortunately, many packaged and bottled drinks outside there contain high sugar.

The body does need sugar for energy source, and we can't deny that. On the process, the insulin can help in transporting sugar to cells.

White bread is another food to avoid due to gluten and sugar, and can trigger inflammation. On excess amount, you'll get stressed and put the hormones level less stable.

Coffee maybe has positive effect for body, but the caffeine inside can also trigger cortisol. Coffee if you drink at night might cause sleep problem, so it's better to drink it at morning. If you still need energy without getting a drink of coffee then change it with tea.

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