Certain amount of calories to meet when running diet

Certain people tend to cut the caloric intake as much as possible while dieting, which can give further health problem for them. Plus the goal of weight loss won't be achieved as well. Practicing strict diet has been known as its bad effect and ruin body system. So in this article we want to explain why you may not cut the caloric intake excessively.

When you do diet then it's normal thing if you cut certain numbers of calories. However, you must understand about the capability of your body and reach the slim body with healthy.

Reducing around 500 calories is ideal in a day, and you can reduce the weight with slowly yet healthy. Basically, you just need to get calories around 200 in a day while you are on important mission to lose weight.

Moreover, once you've met the need for calories, even when you do diet, you can ensure if health of body won't be disrupted. 

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The case will be different if you are active physically, since you must eat more and gain more calories since you require extra energy.

Specifically, there other factors to consider including age, weight, etc.

What would happen if you fail to get the requirement amount of calories for body?.

Well that is classic problem that might happen with diet, the body does not get enough calories hence you keep feeling hungry after eating the foods.

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On extended time, such condition can also cause some bad effects like fatigue, nausea and constipation.

Gallstones is the effect from reducing the weight too fast, but it's still mystery if the problem is caused by the diet with low caloric foods or just the impact of rapid weight loss.

Your body could take energy from tissue of muscle instead of fat when the calories it gets is too low. Furthermore, this type of diet is not recommended for pregnant mom and teenager since they could lose many beneficial and good nutrients.

In the end, it's not a forbidden thing to reduce the calories. You just need to do it correctly, just like we mentioned, the body needs fuel and calories in this case are the source, regardless of you do diet or no.

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