About muscle memory and why you can gain ideal muscle back

Muscle memory is unique way where body muscle can "remember" about what workout you did before. For an instance you were used to weightlifting but for some reasons you stopped doing it.

The effect is you might lose the size muscle and strength you've tried to build the whole years. Good news is once you've started the weightlifting training, it's much easier to get the muscle back.

There's speculation if it's just your body nervous mechanism play role there. But the another mystery is why you can gain the ideal muscle rapidly.

And how do muscle memory work?, well remember that the nucleus inside the muscle cell have strong coordination to enable the repair and growth from the muscle itself.

The muscle cells are so complex that once nucleus alone can't do the job done.

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For people who want to grow more muscle then they must add more nuclei as well. Studies also show if both factor have correlation.

Moreover, when the muscle lost the size, study shows if the muscle cells don't lose nucleus, even after some months.

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After you do workout, you'll have certain number of nuclei, therefore it won't be too hard in getting muscle like the prime condition before. Or you can also consider if nucleus have important benefit here.

Now let's see closer how the muscle memory could work below.

The workout you do also produce nucleus that has effect to growth of muscle. And when you do resistance type of exercise, then more nucleus will be produced. Plus, when you complete yourself with healthy diet, then there's chance muscle would be even bigger.

Even the muscle size decrease, they can still keep the presence of nucleus.

On decline period, muscles you've trained before can grow more rapid once you are resuming the training.