Yes it's harder to lose the fat inside your belly

You can't lose the fat instantly, even though you've done everything you can. Basically there are type of fat to encounter, visceral inside abdomen and the fat under thigh and arm. It's interesting to see which one is harder to eliminate and you can find answer on following.

At first glance, it's almost impossible to notice fat to people with average weight.

On contrary, it's easy to see if you have problem with excess fat inside belly by seeing from the size alone. The fat storage inside belly will interfere organ function, not to mention about its harmful effect.

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And about subcutaneous fat, it's stored inside thighs and you can pinch it directly with hand.

The fat inside thigh is reasonable amount is beneficial for the body, but on excess amount, this is the indication from overweight or obesity.

So how hard in losing the fat inside stomach?, well basically you can start by doing more workout and get food with less calories.

You can also see if the visceral is active and pretty adaptive about the diet you practice.

What happens next is when the body is suffering from excess visceral fat, then it's difficult for someone in losing fat.

Visceral fat, as we said, is adaptive. So beside accumulating, it can affect hormones that might cause inflammation.

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The production of hormones can be stimulated by the belly fat mainly known as cortisol. The more amount you got this hormones, it can make you eat foods without control, hence obesity is coming to you.

The cortisol on higher level will make people who are suffering with bigger belly size at first place become more frustrate, and make the problem even more complex for them. Not to mention about stress condition which relates to this condition as well.

So now you have understood about what's harder to lose, and regardless body condition, living with healthy habits is always the best choice.

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Remember you might need adjusting the carbs you get, maybe cutting them depends on your condition, but not too extreme cause low carbs diet also has bad effect for body.

And last, choose training which is ideal not just for lose of fat, but also for the muscle.