Why cutting weight does not always mean reducing the fat

Maybe you always believe if the loss of weight also means that you have cut the amount of body fat. Turns out the fact is different than you think. Your body weight can be determined by fat tissue amount and mass of muscle.

Body fat amount inside body is not same with body weight, and you might wonder why. You can simply use scale to measure weight, but the biggest flaw is it can't give information about the weight of body fat.

Muscle on other hand have more weight, since muscle mass is denser than fat. Therefore, percentage of muscle and body fat from someone can be varied.

Under your skin, fat is there and you can find it easily around organs and muscle. To measure fat, on excessive condition, you will see it very clear on stomach and arm.

When body fat is reduced drastically, then it may impact to loss of fat, even loss of mass of muscle.

The loss of muscle mass might happen as the impact from weight you do, mostly from diet. The biggest sign you can see is the size of muscle decreased once you've lost weight extremely. The reason is body doesn't get sufficient calories for the activity.

The slow of metabolic rate can also cause the lack absorption of calories by the body, surely you won't get enough fuel once you've practiced fad diet.

From the condition above, body could produce energy from glycogen which is needed by muscle, rather than taking from body fat.

The impact from exercise and changing food menu can be seen from the drastic reduction of fat, surely you don't wanna lose muscle size do you?.

In this case you might not cut too much of weight, as fat inside body is not as dense as muscle mass. Moreover, if you can fit to use the old jeans then obviously what you do is success.

In safely reducing weight, then do diet properly until reach ideal size, and never exceed the ideal number, otherwise you might face underweight problem which cost the health.

In the end, you must also watch the health of muscle, and it's not just about cutting weight alone.