Why cardio will never be enough to lose the belly fat?

Inside the belly there are body organs you must care about like liver, and on reasonable amount, fats inside is important in protecting the organs. But the excess fat storage inside might cause another problem for you.

Large amount of visceral fat might increase cancer and diabetes risk for body. No wonder the sufferers will try the best as they can reducing belly size. Not only good for health, but you'll look more ideal.

Some people might try traditional cardio like swimming and running. Now you need to question the effective of such exercise for body.

The cardio is kind of method that can pump up your heart rate.

For a person with strong heart muscle, this activity can flow a lot of oxygen to cells of muscle, which enables burning of fat.

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Cardio has benefits to relieve the stress, get better sleep, and heart muscle strengthening.

It's said that cardio can help your weight loss progress as it's good to help loss of fat. Theoretically, the reduction of weight can happen if your could burn calories more than the intake.

The contrary things may happen if the number of calories intake exceed from the number you can burn. That's why cardio alone would never enough to answer the need of people in reducing weight.

Then, how effective is cardio against the belly fat storage?. By reading the article you will understand if cardio has function to less weight generally, not for certain body part.

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Therefore, exerciser always try more effective way in smashing belly fat, which focuses on stomach area such plank and squat.

The study also proves if cardio such as cycling or running never becomes the best way in flattening the belly.

Still from the study, men with weightlifting as their routine have better success in keeping belly size ideal compare to cardio above.

The wrong practice of cardio can worsen the condition of your belly. Furthermore, it will elevate cortisol and trigger more of fat storage. So instead of losing the belly fat, wrong cardio can give opposite result which is kind of irony.

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Having said that, never count on cardio only against belly fat. But it doesn't mean you must stop the cardio exercise as the routines.