Keep ideal weight after gaining it with struggle

First you must say salute to yourself once you've managed to achieved ideal body. But never stop there cause you need to continue the diet and body training. Should it fails, expect the weight to bounce back. On some cases, it's harder to keep the result instead of getting it. So in this article we want you to find some ways to make the ideal weight longer and permanent.

The system of body biologically may change when you gain weight, and once you reduce the weight to ideal, it never guarantees you can stay like that forever. The body system could find any way without you realize to return to previous awful condition.

It seems that our body can't resist the delicious foods that contain with high fat. Surely the more you eat them, the more they will affect body.

A food diary might help you for this case, and simply write down foods to get and not. The main goal is how you can find foods with higher calories thus you must avoid eating them.

You might need to write down when to eat and the schedule which is beneficial for avoiding overeating.

Never forget to stay active, regardless the fact you've achieved ideal body. Depending on your level, you can choose the more suitable training to do or have your trainer select the best workout to run.

So as you can see from above, dieting will never enough without doing proper exercise everyday.

By checking the scale might help you control the weight. By doing this you can gain more self motivation to control yourself about what to consume. Note that the scale may also cause stress for dieters.

Another way which is pretty simple to do is breakfast. According to expert, breakfast can become important key to fight the weight rebound, and surely it's very helpful in keeping the weight.

Finally get yourself always motivated to healthy life for sake of better appearance. Remember if there's biggest key to ideal weight, then it must be healthy diet and ideal workout.

And the healthy life can bring you to reduce risk of annoying disease. What you do can determine a lot of possible thing on future.