Getting rid of belly fat with some of useful tips

Regardless body shape, every person has body fat accumulated inside their belly. On normal percentage it's not something to worry about, but in some case belly fat can cause problem.

Generally fats are hidden around our organs, even under the skin. But the fats that can increase the risk of health problem is visceral, which can haunt not just overweight people, but also people with underweight.

Visceral fats are important and needed by our body system, but when body accumulates this type of fat in excess number, prepare to feel the increase risk of diabetes, heart problem even cancer.

Always remember if you're overweight, then the stomach is not the only are that will look ugly.

So how you can determine the body fat inside body is more than needed or normal?.

The best way is of course by using MRI, alternatively use a meter to measure belly size while you're standing. The ideal measurement of waist of men is around 39 inch and for women is under 35 inch. Furthermore, pear shaped body is often considered ideal and healthy compared to apple shaped body.

Still about visceral fat, the skinny person is not free from this problem either. Moreover, the number of fat percentage might as well affected not just by the gen, cause the physical activity may have contribution too.

Those who tend to be less active or mobile may have more problem with the accumulation of visceral fat. By staying active and live with healthy diet, a lot of people can help themselves from dangerous disease. Especially for slim person, being active is still needed beside diet to keeping their ideal body condition.

The physical activity is needed to fight the fat, and fortunately, many options available depending on your situation. It can be mild activity like yoga to moderate workout, until weightlifting. The key is the intensity, not merely about duration.

Now move on to diet, even though there's no instant method to lose belly fat. Diet is still needed, and the first impact is mostly the reduction of belly fat.

You can also get foods high with fiber to reduce the visceral fat storage. It can be started by eating apples everyday or the fruits you like most.