Do you really need cutting the carbs & fat intake for diet?

The reduction consumption between fats and carbs or both is what dieters choose to practice in case they want to lose pounds. The fact is our body needs both carbs and fats. However, on excess amount, they can ruin your health. Another question is, should you do the diet then what you must reduce between carbs or fats?.

What we eat can give impact directly to our body health, for example let's see the bad effect from eating only foods with low fat. It can weaken the body since it needs fats for fuel.

The low fat diet obviously means if we must reduce the fats from food we eat. Note that the fats we require might vary and can depend on many factors, including age and body type.

Fats can help absorb vitamins, so by reducing fats into the body, you will have problem with vitamins absorption as well.

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Thus, the reduction of fat intake might help quickly in cutting the weight, but unfortunately, not just damages the health, the result won't be that long.

Another mistake is when you are keeping reducing fat intake while still taking foods with high carbohydrates. Furthermore, you won't feel too much of benefit from cutting too much of fats, unlike what you can feel through carbs.

In the end by cutting the amount of carbs to consume, can be considered as good way for conventional diet. If you do it correctly, expect good impact not just for the diet, but also the health of body.

The carbs type to consume may also affect body mechanism thus it can give impact both positively or negatively.

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There are two types of carbohydrate, simple and complex. The simple carbs are easier to absorb, while the complex carbs will give you more and lasting energy.

At this point, understand if the simple carbohydrate can trigger the obesity problem as well as the fluctuation from level of blood sugar.

So how can we exactly run healthier diet with just low carbohydrate?. Well with this kind of diet you must have more focus to reduce simple carbs, especially sugar.

Moreover, it's also important to reduce eating the junk foods which contain with high carbs. And complete diet by increasing protein intake.

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