Do diet and exercise in case of burning the fat

Doing the weight lifting variation as your workout method can benefit the muscle. And it's also good to improve strength of muscle, compare to traditional cardio which benefits only for burning the calories. You can also try push up, but not to flatten belly but more on additional variation. Like we say, the method to making belly flatter need variation in terms of workout.

The tissue of fat inside body is the impact from fat & carbs through the foods you consumed. Alternatively there are foods types that can boost the effort of your diet.

Chicken meat, whey and red meat is highly essential to use for you in keeping the ideal muscle. It's always best to see the condition of muscle, and a person with lean muscle tends to look better definitely. If you are not to sure about what to cook then simply find the recipes online or buy the only proven recipes that can help you.

Once you need to complete the body with healthy fiber then never ignore the benefits from vegetables, and fill the nutrient body need for daily. Including vegetables to menu is what people often forget on this modern era.

The body needs fats as well, but the healthy fats is what you must get, through nuts and oily fish for example. On contrary, the fats from junk foods can make you feel addicted, and we don't need to say more about the effect from eating them excessively.

Especially for carbs, it's recommended to get them after running the intense physical activity. And learn as well why getting low-carbs diet is not always the answer for those who are on their diet program.

You can simply choose foods with high carbs like pasta, and also complex carbs like oats. There's no need afraid to eat them, and with correct plan of diet and better workout program, you can use carbs and feel their benefit for body.

Finally, all you must do still require consistence, since losing the fat turns out may take longer than you predict. Note that never lose more than 4 pounds per week, since losing weight too drastic can ruin your life.