Cooking of chicken meat to feel the max benefit for body

Have you ever been asked to choose between chicken thigh or breast to order on restaurant?. Some of you might not really care about that, but just in case you want to know what to get, then this article is for you.

Compared to chicken breast, the thigh part seems to be easy to create as menu and cheap too. But the breast part obviously has less of skin and more on meat. In term of economical, it's best to get chicken breast, but how about the health side?.

Chicken meat in general is recommended for protein source, including the thigh and breast. But chicken breast has more protein. Remember if protein can increase your body immunity, boost muscle of mass, and important for growth of cell as well.

The fats containing inside the chicken part is quite different. The amount of fat inside breast is lower than thigh.

Remember to remove the skin reduce the fat from chicken mean you want to consume.

The cholesterol inside chicken meat is not too high, which is the reason you can eat them as delicious dishes everyday. But remember, the significant amount of fat inside body can impact so bad to the health of heart.

Depending on how you process the chicken meat, it may determine the quality from the menu you cook. The technique and seasoning may affect to the value of menu you just created.

It's true if both chicken thigh and breast don't contain of carbohydrates, but by adding flour and more additional content to the chicken for the foods you create, surely the percentage of carbohydrates are getting higher.

In case excess carbs if something to avoid, there's no need to cook chicken with fried flour, additionally lose the skin and make your creation with less of calories & fats.

The technique of cooking when making something healthier from chicken one of them can't be found from frying something, which can increase the value of calories from foods you consume. Steam and bake are the best choice, but expect for less delicious result.

Regardless method to choose, you must prepare the chicken to cook as clean as possible, and lose the risk of bacteria.