Do exercise without trouble at home with efficient

What things should be prepared to support us to exercise while at home? Here are 5 important things that you must prepare before starting to exercise at home.

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Prepare room for practice

Certified personal trainer, Matthew Martin explained, you need to set up a special training room or room for exercise. "Sports rooms don't have to be spacious and luxurious. You can move the table and use the floor to exercise, "he said.

According to him, by setting up a gym will make a signal for your body to return to exercise.
Find a program guide that will be done

The most common obstacles to exercise are lack of time and motivation. If usually at the gym, you are guided by a personal trainer, while at home you can exercise by taking virtual classes online.

our recommended program also provides video guides and additional "classes" to guide you at home while you exercise. You can check the entire video on YouTube for free training lessons obviously or follow reputable trainer on Instagram or other social media.

Establish habits for exercise routine

Try to start a small habit by doing 20 push-ups and 20 squats before you take a shower in the morning. If that goes well, try expanding your exercise into 20 minutes of bodyweight. If you do not have time in the morning, no problem, you can exercise during the afternoon or evening. You can adjust the time of your sport as you wish.

Prepare light exercise equipment

"Technically you don't need anything except your own body to do good exercise," said Matthew Martin. You can do exercises like push ups, squats, lunges, cardio to keep your body in shape without the help of tools.

Only, Matthew recommends some equipment that supports you to exercise at home. For example, mattresses, kettle bells or dumbbells. we have tips, if you don't have a dumbbell, you can use a 1 liter water bottle instead of a dumbbell.
Setting goals

Matthew Martin recommends that you set exercise goals so that you have responsibilities and have something to strive for. For example, you set a goal to do 25 push-ups at the end of each cardio session, and then add one push-up every day until you reach 50.

"Set a goal to exercise at least four exercises at home every week, and mark your progress on a visible calendar," Matthew Martin was quoted as saying by Myfitnesspal.