About CrossFit and the risk to face as you follow it

Many ways people can choose when they want a fitter body. Crossfit is one of them and it seems that it has become a popular method as well. For those who just want to gain ideal body or simply want to be stronger then this Crossfit is recommended for them. However, just like the body training in general, there's always risk to face and this article will explain you more.

Before knowing the risk to face, maybe you need to know the background of Crossfit which is not something new. In fact, it's been around since 20 years ago.

This is the method where you can find a new mix between anaerobic and also aerobic which includes the exercise from weight training, endurance and others. All of the training should be done relatively with higher intense.

The pattern of Crossfit training is hard as well and it takes a lot of courage. Moreover you can practice the training within some sessions in a week.

There's no significant different between the training to do between expert or veteran. Which is the reason the method can fit everyone. Just note if the intensity of the training can be varied every time.

The Crossfit training goal is to help you reach the possible highest level fit of body. It was designed to pump your heart and make the muscle around stronger. Plus your other body ability like strength and flexibility can be improved too.

Even though the Crossfit gives a lot of advantages, it does not mean it gives no harm.

The risk of injuries after following Crossfit makes sense since the training involves higher training intense. Especially for beginner or those with history of injury prior. According to a trusted journal, it is said that the injury risk of those who run this method is quite high.

Another journal shows that the injury risk faced by the people who run Crossfit is almost as high compared to those who do standard weight training.

Due to the extreme method that you must apply everyday, Crossfit is not recommended for people with heart problem, osteoporosis and backbone problem. As mentioned above, a strong body is required hence you don't face the health problem.

Once you wanna try to follow Crossfit and gain better muscle, then make sure the body condition allows you so. Perhaps you might need to consult to a physician first thus the exercise you do can give the exact benefit as body needs.

Also aware that the best place to run Crossfit and a find a reliable trainer if you have to. Don't hesitate to stop the training once you feel wrong with the body.