Important tips to choose the best workout outfit

One of the most important elements when exercising is clothing. If you wear sports clothes and pants that don't make you comfortable, of course your training isn't optimal. Well, to avoid this situation, here are some tips on choosing the right and comfortable sports clothes.

If you wear the wrong shoes, of course it will affect various aspects of health in your body. Starting from the soles of the feet, inflamed tendons, loose toenails or bruises, to small broken bones.

Exercising is good for your body, but if done without regard to clothing and other supporting aspects can certainly have a negative impact on your body. By choosing the right clothes and sports shoes you can exercise comfortably. The benefits are optimal.

Apparently tight clothes are not always good for sports

The first rule when choosing sports clothing is to avoid tight clothes and pants. At the time of physical activity, the body needs a wide space of motion. Tight clothing will certainly limit your movements.

If you choose sports like biking, maybe you can use tighter clothes. Because, wearing sports clothes that are too loose, making your clothes at risk of getting stuck and dangerous.

Now, in addition to tight clothing, there are some other things that you should also consider when choosing sports clothing, including:

1. Choose the type of fabric that absorbs sweat

type of exercise according to age

In 2017, there was a study about sportswear that affected the cooling effect of the body after exercising. In the study it was found that clothing with polypropene material is better than ordinary polyester.

Polypropene is a material commonly used for thermal underwear. This thermal underwear is believed to make your body dry quickly from sweat.
2. Wear a jacket when the weather is windy

stretch exercises

Have you ever run in a shirt and shorts when the wind is strong? If you do this, watch out for colds and colds that lurk you.

To avoid these conditions, use a jacket or additional outerwear to protect from wind and rain that hinders your exercise.
3. Using a sports bra

don't wear sports bra

For women who love to exercise, a sports bra is a must-have underwear. As quoted from Girls Health, a sports bra can help keep breasts from hurting when exercising.

Try to find the right size when buying it and ask the store clerk if you have difficulty getting the right size.
4. Wear shoes that fit

Choosing sports clothes is very important so that the exercises you run can walk comfortably. However, choosing shoes is equally important.

Choosing the right sports shoes and the right size can reduce the risk of injury. The right shoes also make you more comfortable exercising.

Here it is a few tips on choosing the right shoes to use when exercising.

    Having flat, non-slippery shoe sole, good heel support, not too narrow and not too loose.
    Provide the right support for your feet
    Change shoes if the sole is damaged, your feet feel tired, or your shin, knees, and hips hurt.