About Bodyweight Burn difficulty phase and obstacle to face

The each phase of Bodyweight Burn will give you various difference in difficulty and also in intensity. Plus it has been completed so you can also do metabolic muscle activity and also method to boost the positive effect from afterburner.

The good news is you could still use the old school and more traditional technique in getting lean muscle as you can notice in Bodyweight Burn Review. After all for doing standard workout you must practice method like warming up and cooling off.

The workout in Bodyweight Burn has been broken down to six weeks consisted of two important levels. Or in other words, there are two exactly different course you must run between those two levels.

Also inside the each phase of the workout training program, you are allowed to recover body and muscle just for one day. Hence you can be prepared for the next intense workout ahead of you in 12 weeks.

Bodyweight Burn also uses similar method used in Shaun's program, 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution: Carb-Cycling method. This is because you need to get energized by eating the recommended carb.

In running first three days of the program, you'll be served with variant amount of carbs, from low to high. You can simply adjust the amount to response the intensity rate of your workout.

On the afternoon you'll be suggested to eat carbs only after following intense training for a day. This to make sure the carbs you eat can be used as the energy for the growth of muscle.

Probably the biggest obstacle you must face if you've decided to get Bodyweight Burn is you are required to do fasting for 24 hours. You are not allowed to eat even carbs. Thankfully, you can still drink high calories drinks for this day. Moreover, you'll be recommended to get supplements like BCAA for lowering the effect of muscle reduction.