Why Acne No More Is Important?

Acne No More is a holistic treatment solution for acne written by Mike Walden. The solution offers a step- by-step approach to eliminating acne of any type, from simple outbreaks to painful and puss-filled bumps. The guide is pretty detailed and is often referred to as the ‘Acne Bible.’

Acne No More treats acne from the inside out to ensure that you never get any more outbreaks in future. According to the author, acne is not a problem of the outer skin per se; rather, it is caused by ‘internal issues’ and simply manifests on the skin. Therefore, treating acne requires dealing with the underlying internal issues first. Once they are dealt with properly, the bumps and scars will clear.

Acne is a terrible condition that mainly batters teenagers and adolescents, and even some adults albeit in rare cases. In many cases – especially in adolescents – acne is a major cause of low self-esteem. It manifests as bumps on the face and occasionally on the chest, and causes the skin to become scaly and pink. It leaves unsightly scars after the bumps heal and this is another major side effect of this skin condition.

In many western countries, acne is the most common skin condition and in the U.S., the number of adults who get acne is increasing every year.

A popular misconception about acne is that you just let it run its course and things will be fine, but the truth is that acne can be treated and permanently healed.

While there are plenty of topical medicines as well as prescription-only drugs for acne, almost all of them have intolerable side effects. This makes a natural solution more viable and a better shot at treating acne.

With a natural solution such as Acne No More, there are no long-term side effects, so you can use it for as long as you want.

According to Mike Walden, acne is caused by a number of factors that are all avoidable or at worst manageable. Stress, lack of adequate sleep, lifestyle (lack of adequate physical activity), and diet are all factors that cause severe acne outbreaks and this is actually scientifically supported.

After explaining the causes of acne, Mike explains the fundamental makeup of the skin and the functions of the different parts. He further elaborates the various types of acne so that you can easily understand and identify the type of acne affecting you. From there, he discusses the typical treatments for each type of acne and why they’re not ideal.