Learn the Eat Stop Eat benefits that it can offer you

If you are looking for a way to lose weight and are ready to start on a new plan that is not actually a diet at all but is a method to get your body to eliminate unwanted fat then this could be the plan you are looking for.

Brad Pilon has put together a plan that is backed by scientific study and intense scrutiny. He understands the classic approach to how we should eat as it is taught in the typical universities. After 4 years of study he earned an honors degree in nutrition and decided to go to work in the weight loss industry. That was when he realized that there are new books coming out every day with weight loss plans and new cook books full of meal plans for weight loss. Each day there are new products that are teaching you what you need to eat for weight loss. He decided it just didn’t make any sense. How much do you have to eat before you start to lose?

The Eat Stop Eat program was created for people who are tired of measuring out those little bitty six meals a day and really didn’t want to follow the rules of bodybuilder nutrition.

Most diet plans today will have you making changes to your life style, your eating habits and even your social habits. This much change is very hard for most people to maintain. The Eat Stop Eat system is a flexible program that fits into your lifestyle when you choose. This is truly a program that gets you results for doing nothing. This program is actually the result of the scientific reviews Brad Pilon completed for graduate school.

This plan comes from a man who has a unique and well rounded background. He worked in research and development for the weight loss industry, then went on to study metabolic effects of periods of fasting, he was an avid weight trainer for many years and has decided to share the benefits of his background in the form of an e- course.

Here are some of the benefits that Eat Stop Eat can offer you:
 You don’t have to worry about what you can eat.
Your metabolism will not slow down.
You don’t have to avoid going out to eat with your friends.
You will save money
You can still have great workouts.
You will lose weight and not muscle.
You don’t have to use laxatives or cleansing products

This plan is offered to you with an 8 week guarantee and if you are not completely satisfied all you need to do is send them an email and your money will be refunded.