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Using Mike’s analysis and explanations, you will be able to characterize an acne outbreak into an equation. While the aforesaid causes of acne should be noted, the real trigger is an imbalance in chemicals that occurs when the causing factors are all in place. In addition to acne outbreaks, the hormonal imbalance can lead to a dangerous toxic buildup in the body, thus putting a strain on the liver and kidneys.

The author also explains that genetic factors may also be at play when acne occurs. You will learn how to identify whether your acne is caused by genetic factors or not.

Acne No More comprises five main categories, each of which performs a specific function in eliminating the root cause of acne. The first category deals with flushing out impurities and cleansing the skin; the second category is about dieting and supplementation. It also contains info about a plant that can get rid of Candida. The third category discusses a special detoxification nutrition plan while the fourth category is about controlling stress. The last category deals with external skin care using natural pro ducts.

The author asserts that these are the five core pillars of eradicating acne permanently and they must be applied in the specific order as given in the guide.

The cleansing and flushing category contains info about a juice cleansing diet that flushes out toxins from the body. It is essentially a fasting diet and all appropriate health considerations are taken into account.

The nutrition and supplementation plan is crucial too because your skin is basically what you eat. There are foods that can improve skin elasticity and eliminate acne and scars. This section provides all those details.

The detoxification section explains the need for detoxification in order to get rid of acne permanently. There are instructions for the daily detox routine necessary to keep your skin fresh and supple.