A little thing about Anabolic Cooking and more regarding the author

We all know that to gain muscles you need to eat right not just to train right. This is what the Anabolic Cooking program by “Muscle Cook” (as he’s fondly called) Dave Ruel teaches: how and what to eat in order to achieve your fitness goals and build the most muscle mass for your effort.

While there are many programs that show you how to train correctly. The reason is simple: it’s quite easy to know when you’re training right and when you’re not training right. It’s easy to count reps and sets and track your progress.

Your nutrition is a bit more difficult to keep perfect as you need to follow a lot of things: calories, a lot of other nutrients. It can become quite confusing. Getting this wrong can halt your progress. This is the main focus of the Anabolic Cooking Review showing you what you really need to eat to and how to make your meals tasty and fun.

In addition, many muscle enthusiasts such as yourself spend hundreds of dollars each month on food and nutritional supplements because they believe they will help them gain mass. There is a way to save a lot of money on your food and this is also something that Dave Ruel teaches in Anabolic Cooking.

ave Ruel, a.k.a. Muscle cook, is a competitive bodybuilder, fitness coach, and a professional nutritionist. He specializes in eating for muscle gain. This is what he mainly teaches and what he is widely known for.

What Dave Ruel teaches is how you can create a healthy, tasty, and muscle building suitable eating plan to get you all that you need to be fit, strong, muscular and lean without robbing you of tasty food and enjoyment of eating.

As you can see from his picture to the right, Dave Ruel actually practices what he preaches and he has the credentials and results to prove it.

As a professional nutritionist who is also a bodybuilder, he actually specializes in the kind of nutrition plans every muscle builder actually needs: the kind that propels muscle development and helps to cut down the body fat quickly to get the most definition possible.