Tacfit Commando will turn you into a soldier, not a bodybuilder

This can bee seen that by following Tacfit Commando then it can open a total new way for boosting fitness of body. It also means the method can allow you to improve the psychical ability range. You just need to decide what to next with this kind of workout.

The program you are reading right now can make you enjoy following every minutes of it. Not just the level of body, the mind can be also trained as well.

It's worth to mention that don't expect to do the program and get results like people are targeting when they are in gym. Since it's not ever made to help burn the fat, but rather, in making your body ready for fighting in a combat as if you're a soldier who must do a duty to fight against enemies.

So you can clearly see between an exerciser vs a man who does training in military right?. Plus, in Tacfit Commando you are doing workout as if your life depends on it, and how Scott proves you if the ability in making faster and more powerful body is more important that a mere visual. 

That said, if you are men who tend to focus more on appearance rather than body functional, then you must ignore Tacfit Commando. The program won't teach how to sculpt muscle either. Yes, it wants you to be a soldier, not a bodybuilder. After all you never saw a big bulky soldier in a real life didn't you?.

Additionally, even though Tacfit Commando won't make your muscle look bigger, you can still train them so they can be more flexible, has better bursting power, and improve the movement. And do all kind of the training you want to maintain such goal without have to be tied with certain places or training.