What is Suspension Revolution training basically?

The training method is demonstrated with video guide, which is surprisingly, very detailed and quite long. And there are three kind of videos based on difficulty level, and each of them has duration more than 30 minutes.

The video themselves look like made by professional due to their high quality. You can either download the video package or streaming them online.

Now let's move on the manual book included inside the Suspension Revolution Review article as well as program quick look. They are well written and informative, plus they are not lengthy. Yes, it's a straightforward guide that won't confuse you cause Dan surely understands that the training should be done directly, and not just on paper.

It's quite important to tell you that Suspension Revolution is basically an improvement over TRX training everyone knows about. So the basic equipment of the program is straps, certain tool that's good to improve your body endurance.

Resistance against your bodyweight is the key from this kind of training. Also learn the bad and good thing like joining a gym course is not needed. However, buying a certain equipment is still needed and it might cost you.

With his experience in a lot of years, Dan Long's knowledge has been transformed perfectly inside his Suspension Revolution method. Inside the program find also the manual book. Don't worry since the content of the book is not too long, you can directly practice by doing the training.

Inside the package of the program Dan explain one thing or two about his method, and he also introduces the Kill Mode system where men like you can extremely improve the workout results.

You must need to know that the exercise in Suspension Revolution tend to be more difficult once you go advancing the program. This shouldn't be surprising you since suspension training itself is a challenging method in the first place.