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Angela Bryne as the maker of the program turns out not just an ordinary lady. Not only a mother, she's also a researcher and an author. Like the users of the Power Of Hormones program, she suffered from issue of hormonal imbalance that made her life messed up. So yes, judging from Ange's background, she got a specialization about hormones.

Plus you'll be offered also with a bunch of materials including beneficial information, worksheets, recommended exercise, list of food to enjoy and more. In the end of the product chapter, you can make your own, customized plan, than can make body, mind and emotion in a good harmony, by using the holistic method or approach.

So as a quick summary for the product itself, this Power Of Hormones is your method in optimizing the health of the body system by giving you information and the steps required to tackle any imbalance that might disturb the hormones and turn your happy life back.

Angela Byrne comes with Power Of Hormones as a simple yet effective plan not just for weight loss but also for your strength and refill the energy. And when it also comes to energy, metabolism, or even your mood. Surely you must know how to boost them right?. So by using the extra ordinary method, you may hope to do so.