Improve EPOC process with Bodyweight Burn

Bodyweight Burn workout without a doubt could challenge you. For further transformation, not only good for body's metabolism, the workout of the program can boost and develop more muscle mass. Plus, the great idea behind the program is to show you how to become a "machine" for burning the calories and fat.

Yes, as the advanced phase from the system, you can make this as your quick guide after following the previous phase.

So let's see closer to how Bodyweight Burn can help you maximize the muscle.

You must aware whether the muscle can not just be only increased with strength training alone. Even the proper rest time or losing the fat with proper method can help you get such objective.

The first point is called with the phase of metabolic base. As you can read, it can improve the body's capacity and elevates its level to prime. But you must also consider this as your training foundation.

This foundation base can get your stamina increased, and also can boost the muscle growth a little. And the most exciting thing is, you can also increase your toughness thanks to this phase.

Well know let's see the advance method to build muscle inside the program of Bodyweight Burn, the phase of metabolic explosion.

As you may expected from higher level of workout, the metabolic explosion is harder due to the tight schedule and also the intensity from the workout itself.

For the main purpose from this phase is to maximize the EPOC process to ensure process of fat burning up to 24 hours or more. It does not mean that you must forget to build muscle in this phase either.

And almost exactly same and something that should be considered as a plus value from Bodyweight Burn, the diet that's based from carb synch method, where you can adjust the amount of the carbs to consume in accordance of the specific workout you do.